this is my fake plastic trophy

I am reading my husband's blog and just shaking my head.

"OJ McDuffy.... LOL. Old school."



I love reading his blog even if I don't always understand it. And I totally get football and enjoy watching our team win and all of that, it's just that he sometimes takes it to a level I don't have the patience to follow. OJ McDuffy? Quite honestly that sounds made up.

He writes his blog with his brother and he uses a fake name (Demond Sanders) and ummm, have I mentioned how serious he is about the Colts?

The following excerpt was taken from the 18 to 88 "about us" page...

"Demond Sanders"

Real Name: Luke Dunlevy

Why you should take my opinions on 18to88.com seriously:
You definitely shouldn't.

Why I'm not a sportswriter: I'm a fan. An insane fan. Ask my college friends about the number of television remotes I smashed during the 2001 and 2002 Colts seasons. I love the Colts and it is a lot of fun to write about the amazing career of one Peyton Williams Manning. I enjoy running a small business, but if I ever gave that up I'd like to write childrens books or be a drunk.

He has been hogging the computer all week, writing things about guys who play football in horse themed uniforms, so I haven't been able to get on here and write out all of my feelings and deep innermost thoughts and dumb jokes. I would be annoyed except that his blog? It's... popular. Really popular. He gets 1000X the traffic I ever will. They get linked on ESPN and all those important sports websites I don't read ALL THE TIME. So I give him the computer. I let him do his thing.

I am thinking I might scour black Friday ads and try to find a reasonably priced laptop. Then I won't be affected by the Colts 10-0 record or our new strict 7daysaweek treadmill regime (yes I got back on the treadmill after my spill) or a DVR full of crap we act like it's our job to watch.
(Like Project Runway. This season? Maybe my last. And shockingly it wasn't Lifetime that drove me off, it was IRINA and L.A.) I will just type type type on my very own laptop.

Except when I don't because I am off being ADD and dumb and thinking my blog posts in my head instead of typing them out.

This one?

Stream of consciousness.

NOT one of the ones I went over and over perfecting in my mind as I tried to fall asleep all week.

Oh yes, I have posts in my head. And they are GOOD. Thought provoking. Interesting. Those (unposted purely imagined) posts are pure BLOG GOLD. This one is more like blog gold... plastic trophy.

"Yaaaaay. I wrote something."


  1. May I just say "It's about time!"?

    Because I did.

    Message to Luke: Share the glowing typer thing with Erin. We need her posts out here in the tubes.

  2. ok, i can't wait to check out the 18to88 blog in a minute. and i might share it with my husband. but, only because he has a computer of his own.

    i need you to have your black friday laptop, please. stream of consciousness or obsessed over...i love your words. =)

  3. I think you and Luke sound perfect for each other. :) Hope you get that black friday laptop of your dreams!