Have you ever had a dream where you were fighting with a friend and woken up still angry at them?

Last night I had an opposite kind of dream.

Something big was happening, but I'm not sure what. I think I was in labor. Or I was fighting feelings of grief. It was Something Big. And difficult.

My best, closest friends were sitting with me on the floor of my bedroom.
I could feel myself being challenged by what was going on but they continuously comforted me. It went on for awhile.

We whispered and yelled and when the feelings started to suffocate me, someone made me laugh.

When I woke up, I missed them.

And then I realized that the people in my dream were strange.

I have no idea who these women were.

The friend who did most of the talking in my dream-- the one who knew me so well that her mere presence was comforting-- looked nothing like anyone I know in real life. She didn't really act all that familiar either.

Her mannerisms, her shape, her hair, her attitude... it was all so specific.

Where did she come from? Did my brain memorize a random person while I was grocery shopping and then cast her in the role of "best friend" in my dream? Did it put together this friend-person like a puzzle? Was she a dead relative? (Kidding. Mostly.)

I don't know what any of this means.

I think it has something to do with the internet.


  1. yes, last night I had a dream that my husband kissed a girl we knew in high school. I woke up really angry and ran into the living room and called him a liar for not turing off the heater, and was pushing him out of bed. Then, about two hours later I woke up to go to the bathroom and realized I had been a huge biatch, apologized and lovingly cuddled him. Dreams are so weird. Of course, he wasn't really mad about this. Ah, so nice to have to have people that really love us.

  2. And now that I'm pregnant again, I keep having weird dreams similar to yours...where you know something Big is happening, but it's a bit foggy.

  3. I have bizzaro dreams. Things that I won't even talk about because you would have me comitted. I don't know. Its craziness what your subconscious conjures up!

  4. It most likely does have something to do with the internet. You put out all sorts of adorable vibes into the tubes, Erin. You are attracting love from all over.

  5. Totally the internet. Last night I dreamed that we were at a baptism for a relative and Jeff kept making these loud moaning sounds and coughing. Turns out he couldn't stop farting and was trying to cover it up but the moaning was WAY worse than a fart. And so we all quickly skedaddled out of there. I was so embarrassed.

    I can not believe I am leaving this comment.

    Also, this is something Jeff would NEVER EVER do in a million years, so I have no idea why I dreamed it.


  6. what an interesting dream. I have the weirdest dreams. I had a dream that my husband went in for a heart test and we found out he needed a transplant. And I experienced all those emotions in my dream as I would in real life. I didn't like it one bit.

  7. I find dreams fascinating. I have odd ones, too. I once bought a dream interpretation guide, but it wasn't really much help. There's not a category for "Darth Vader is chasing you around the library while the librarians yell at you for being loud but do nothing to actually help you."

  8. that is really cool. maybe it was an amalgam. i think that's how you spell it. but i couldn't swear. ;)

  9. Once I finish laughing at Steph's dream, I'll come up with a serious comment.
    Okay. Maybe the dream person is someone you've yet to meet?

  10. STEPH! LOL

    i rarely remember dreams.

    this one is interesting and could have so many meanings.

  11. It could be the ghost of all your blogging friends ;) Like guardian angels or something crazy like that!

    Regardless, I love when dreams keep your attention after you wake, as long as they aren't nightmares...

  12. Sometimes I subscribe to the theory that everyone in your dreams represents a different facet of yourself... Unless the dream is about Johnny Depp and then I subscribe to the soulmates from a different lifetime theory. Did I say Johnny Depp? I meant my husband. *coughs*

  13. it was an amalgamation of me, janet, lisa, and madeline. or so i'd like to think.

  14. :) I'm totally loving Dera's response. And, I'm definitely blaming all future weird dreams on the internet.

  15. Okay. Stephanie's dream - so totally hilarious and embarrassing. Ha ha ha. I'm so glad she left that comment!

    As for yours, I'm definitely going to put in the vote for "internet/blog friends". I can totally see how you/anyone who blogs and reads blogs could dream about people you knew who have genuine interest in you and care about you, but that you don't really know.

    Maybe you'll meet your 'best friend' at the cupcake thingamajig and have an "aha!" moment :)

  16. So wonderfully written. I liked this post. A lot.

    You are so random, so you...and I like that.

    ***I'm glad you are a part of the blogosphere.***