look, a meme

Dera, Nell, Lisa, and Madeline all participated in this meme and I promised them I would too. Sure it was like a month ago, but what do you expect from the girl who used to hand out her Valentines on the last day of school.


1. What Are You Listening To Right Now?

my space heater, and clark kicking the wall of his bedroom in his sleep

2. What Are You Watching Right Now?
the five tabs i have open in firefox. i was watching dvr'd episodes of arrested development until a few minutes ago. did you know IFC shows them all in order and commercial free? sure we have all the seasons on dvd, but taking the disks out of the case and putting them in the dvd player and then having to use the right remote to navigate the menu would be exhausting.

3. What Room Is Your Computer In?
it's a laptop. it is usually in the living room or on my bed.

4. Do You Have Christmas Lights Up Outside?
okay, so i am late answering this, but no. we didn't put lights outside. we don't have a single electrical outlet in the garage or outside of our house.

5. How Long Have You Been Blogging?
i started blogging when i was pregnant with clark, around october 2006. that blog was locked to only friends and family with a password. i started this public blog in november 2008.

6. If You Could Go Back In Time, Where Would You Go, Who Would You Meet, Why?
i would of course love to hang out with my relatives when they were younger, but i can't deny that i would have to go to an old school cheesy hollywood movie musical audition, just to see what i'm really made of. i would also be a lot skinnier in this fantasy and have long legs that look good in the super-short tap shorts. i would also know how to tap dance.

7. If You Could Be Paid To Give Of Your Time To Others, What Would You Most Like To Do? (Volunteering)
paid? to volunteer? i have no idea specifically. i think a lot of us probably feel this way, right? it's hard to be aware of so much suffering and not have any clue what to do about it.

8. If Santa Could Bring YOU Something This Year, What Would That Special Something Be?
a vacation with my husband. for sure. he never takes time off of work and we haven't had any kind of vacation at all since october 2007.

9. If You Could Have Your Blog Readers Know One Thing About You. What Would That Be?
it makes me really happy that you come here to check in on me. really, your comments make me so happy. i also want you to know that i strive to really be authentic and show you who i really am. i mean the stuff i say. just in case you were wondering.


  1. Well, I know you in person and feel like I've known you a long time now, You are the real deal, Erin!

    Miss you.


  2. This was great. As long as you keep blogging, and as long as I don't one day say, "a pox on the internet!", I will always read your blog. I love it.

    I FINALLY get to go away on a romantic vacation with my husband (after almost ten years - our first romantic vacation was our honeymoon). He's taking me to Italy this year!!! I am thrilled.

    I'm calling it a romantic vacation no matter what anybody says, even though we are taking our baby girl with us. Hey. At least the boys are staying at home, right??? And I'll take time away with him and in Italy ANY TIME and ANY WAY I can, pretty much.

    P.S. So weird about your house having NO outside outlets. What genius decided to omit that???

  3. I'm terrible about doing memes in a timely fashion. Although, I think it makes it all the more fun that you're answering a Christmas question at the end of January. I'm so glad you played along. :)
    Hope you and your hubby get that vacation soon!!
    And, you definitely come across as being a very genuine gal. It's one of the many attributes that make you and your blog so endearing.

  4. I understand the vacation part. Though my husband has had days off, we haven't been on a real vacation since 2002 --- and that was our honeymoon!

    Thanks for playing along, Erin :)


  5. I'm so glad you made your blog public in 2008. It's one of my favorites. :)