just stating the obvious

I swore I would be a more prolific blogger in February but I was not.

In addition to the throwing up (which seems to be nearly over, thank you Lord) I've been undertaking some crazy hormone-driven house organization projects during which I spend a lot of time talking to myself and thinking things over and over. This leaves my brain tired from the over-thinking and all out of things to type.

Typing is nice and so are all of you and so are untired brains.

See you in March.


  1. Same here! But I'm not pregnant. Just lots of talking to myself and trips to Ikea.


  2. Talking to myself while I organize... check!

    Pregnant... uncheck.

  3. oh, holy nausea. i'm so sorry you're still throwing up. i hope you turn the 2nd trimester corner soon, and selfishly hope it means we get more posts!

  4. Sorry about the throwing up. I empathize. I thew up every day for 3+ months for both of my pregnancies.

    Hope you feel well and energized soon.