I did not clean my house today the way I said I would.

Instead my kids started tearing things apart this morning, so I quickly got them dressed and we fled. To Target, my mom's house, Goodwill, the Carmel Antique Mall, and Dairy Queen.

Now things look like this.


This doesn't even show you the entire package of adhesive googly eyes Alice stuck to the kitchen floor while I made dinner.

Just thought you might like to know.


  1. Bob made a "Valentime! Come look!" for me by dumping a large canister of 4 types of cookie decorating sparkles and tiny hearts onto the kitchen floor and then spreading them around with his feet. There was also pink Playdoh involved.

    The guy likes a theme.

    Sounds like he really missed the destruction bus by not having googly eyes. Happy Valentimes.

  2. Your pictures look so familiar...
    Oh the joys of living w/ tazmanian devil's ;)


    Thanks for reminding me!

  4. sometimes i'm not entirely convinced that picking up is worth the effort. it tends to look the same (with possibly different toys/items strewn about) 15 minutes later.
    better to just escape it all ... i have a feeling that is what today may just be about here too.

  5. We'd fit RIGHT in at your house. And you know what? You are totally welcome here ANYTIME!


  6. Thank you, thank you, thank you! My house looks remarkably similar right now.

  7. I love that you posted this. Because THIS is real life!

  8. When they are teenagers they will have 10 friends over as well. Imagine can pyramids, traffic cones, candy wrappers, coats, shoes, and extra x-boxes (or whatever they will be by then) and all those people playing Wii dance games in a living room that feels suddenly minuscule.

    Run-on sentences brought to you by me, the queen of run-on sentences. Or at least one of her very loyal subjects. ;)

  9. um, i'd really have loved seeing the art alice made on the kitchen floor. googly eyes make everything look like pop art.

    also, i had a dream about YOU last night. we were driving from atl to indy, stopping at the gazillion yard sales and garage sales in nowheresville, america. all these people were getting rid of amazing pieces of modern scandinavian furniture, and you were crying because we couldn't fit anymore furniture than we already had. this is so telling of where my dumb priorities lay.