so this girl walks into a Macy's

Thank you all! I really really appreciate all of your comments and prayers and I'm all smiley.

My appointment yesterday morning went well. We heard that whooshy whooshy heartbeat with only minor difficulty - caused by the baby wiggling away from the doppler over and over. That's the kind of difficulty I like.

I was planning to update with that news last night but I didn't even make it through 30 Rock. I was passed out, stone cold, all night long. At one point Clark even got in our bed and took my pillow and I continued to sleep soundly, sans pillow, for hours longer.

This ability to fall asleep and stay asleep is one of the things I love about pregnancy. I have had sleeping trouble my entire life so the change is really refreshing.

I have to go force myself to clean my house now because we have a busy day ahead of us and on Sunday we are getting NEW FURNITURE. Last week I happened to be at the mall and happened to walk into Macy's and happened to go to the furniture section to look around and they happened to have be having a 10% off sale so I was able to get the Corona sofa and chair (which were marked down a ton even before the sale) together, for a STEAL. I have been looking for a sofa for a crazy long time and we've been living with a ripped up old leather sofa from Goodwill for the last six months so I didn't even feel guilty ordering this stuff on the spot. I didn't want to buy a super fancy grown-up sofa (have I mentioned I have kids?) but I wanted one that was shaped cute and I think this is a good solution.

The next day, someone sat down on our old crappy couch and one of the legs came off.

Yeah, it was time.

This is the couch we've been using:

What's that? You say it's not too bad?

Let's look closer:

Notice in the above photo that there are no seat cushions? None at all? That's because they are on the floor 90% of the time. The very old, brittle leather seemed find when I bought the sofa, but it turns out that it could not withstand actual every day use and has been ripped to shreds.

The ripped cushions (actually one of the three is entirely missing its cover but I am to embarrassed to photograph it) don't grip onto the sofa so the kids throw them to the floor.

This enables Clark to use the springy base as a trampoline.

And it allows Alice to pull out ripped-cushion-stuffing and laugh.

"Hi Mom, look what I have!"

It was definitely time.


  1. I used to take all the cushions off the couch and use it as a trampoline, too. (This was not a mom sanctioned activity....)

    I love, love, love your new couch!!

  2. i love that you waited and made due until the right time. that is really hard to do sometimes.

    i love the shape of your new couch, too. what color did you get? i like the paprika, but i know it doesn't work in every room.

    and we have cushions on the floor a lot of the time, too!

  3. That picture of Alice cracks me up!

  4. Oh gosh, I'm so excited for you!!


  5. haha so cute!! i can relate. our couch...has seen better days.

  6. That is a great deal for a super cute sofa couch. I am really happy for you. (Remember to rotate your cushions but from the sound of it, Clark and Alice will do that for you!)

  7. please please please enjoy that pregnancy sleep for me. in the midst of newborn sleep over here ... and it isn't quite as lovely. cuddly ... but not as satisfying in a sleep sorta way.

  8. Ooh I like the new one you are getting ;) Enjoy!
    I totally understand the stuffing thing. I catch my girls and even the dog sometimes running around with stuffing. I've been saving for couch covers for quite sometime now, hoping that will be a good solution.