something else

My baby girl is something else.

We're trying to figure her out and we will probably keep trying to figure her out for a long time. Hopefully we'll even get somewhere by the time she moves out of the house and meets a boy who will have to start at the beginning. I'm kidding. Kind of. Girls are so complicated.

When I was pregnant with her I had this fear that she wouldn't like me. I've never had a sister or even a girl cousin very close to my age, and I think I thought she might not like my clothes or hair or something, like I was going to give birth to the girl who works in the handbag section at Saks.

Instead I got a girl who loves her mom and other kids and babies. She loves to hug and laugh and have her back rubbed. She calls her baby dolls (and really anyone with a smiling face, including herself) a "dot-doll". She is drawn to happy sweet looking faces and talks about them nonstop, always pleased.

"Mama, it a dot-doll?!?"

She is funny and feisty and knows how to tell you what she wants.
She is so much like her brother, yet nothing like her brother.
She is her own little Alice person.
I am so glad she's my little Alice person.
My baby.
My baby who will be getting promoted to "big-sister" right at her second birthday.
But I'm not scared.
She might just be a natural.


(Or traumatized and clingy and maybe she'll want to sell the baby, but I am pretending those things aren't going to happen for now.)

(Also, PS, both Alice and dot-doll gave rave reviews of the soup.)


  1. We were in the car on Sunday and we found the "I'm a Big Sister" button. It's been in there for 10yrs. I think it's time to clean out the Jeep!

  2. She is ADORABLE. I'm so excited for you all.

  3. Any chance you'll move near me so she & Ivy can be best friends?


  4. Loving these photos of Bob's future prom date!

  5. You and Alice make my heart smile. I just want to hug her!

  6. She's so cute! And, I think she'll make an awesome big sis.

  7. she will be the best big sis! this whole thing is so exciting!