look at the pictures

Yesterday I told Clark about the ultrasound coming up. I showed him a diagram of a baby growing on my pregnancy app. He totally got it.  We talked about how he grew in my tummy and how Alice grew in my tummy and how he had an umbilical cord before and he has a belly button now.

I've been a little concerned about his reaction if we have another girl.  He had been making very dramatic emotional statements that our new baby, "IS A BOY, like ME and YOU, right DAD?"  Maybe it is a boy Clark.  And maybe it is a girl.  It could be another little sister.  During our long talk, I told him mommy was going to see pictures of the baby and I wanted to know how he felt about it.  I had pretty much resolved that if he was okay at all with having a sister, I would let the sex be a surprise for birth, but if he was still freaking out and just saying, "a brother, a brother, it's a brother mom" that we should probably find out now.

"You'll be happy if it is a boy won't you?" I asked him.

"Yes, I will be happy!"

"Good.  And it might be a girl, and that's okay too right?"  I asked, kind of holding my breath.
"Yes, I will be happy if it is a girl too!"

I was surprised and relieved at his answer, and I thought that settled it, but then he very sweetly and almost sadly looked it me and said, "But mom?  I want to look at the pictures you look at it.  I want to look at those pictures and then I will know if it is a boy or a girl."

And that's how I decided to find out.  How do you say no to that?

The ultrasound is at 1:45 Eastern time today.

If new baby decides to show us what he or she is, I will let you know as soon as I can update afterwards.
And if we can't tell, that is okay, I will get my surprise and be happy about that too.  Either way, prayers for a healthy baby are very much appreciated.

It is just sinking in that I am to this point already.  I get to see the baby today!  The real baby.  This pregnancy is flying.


  1. that would definitely help me decide. what a sweet son.

    Good luck today. and sending healthy baby thoughts your way

  2. What a sweet boy. I hope you get to see. Have a great u/s and healthy baby thoughts all around!

  3. Oh goodness, you're right; how COULD you say no to that?

  4. I've found out every time. I just can't help it. And I really think it helped me connect with baby.

  5. Aww, how cute :)
    Have fun @ the ultrasound. How exciting!

  6. adorable. i am praying. i just realized i'm only a week shy of being one month away from where you are today! eek! so exciting and crazy all at the same time!