today was holiday good

Alice in her Saint Patrick's outfit this morning. Clark had one too, but he was hiding.

Today was so beautiful here, I hope it was beautiful there too.

I spent the morning with my mom (yay!) and then she took me to lunch at the Indian buffet (double yay!).

The weather was so funny, it felt like we were shedding seasons over the course of the day.

I was chilly in my Winter coat this morning but I dug the screens out of the attic this afternoon and filled the windows with them. As I worked on the back screen-door I changed us all from jackets to t-shirts and before I knew it Clark was taking all of his clothes off outside and it was warm enough that he thought that was okay. Which it isn't. Even in the Summer. But it was warm enough to try. That's the important part.


  1. Sweet! I'm so glad you had a beautiful day. We had a really nice day...very cloudy and chilly though.

  2. man, she is getting so big! what a beautiful girl!

  3. It's been like that here. Also, on my Andrew Bird Pandora station "Holiday Road" just came on. Love!


  4. So glad you had a good day. It felt so good to not wear the coat home that I wore to work.

  5. Aw, so sweet. Ur kiddo looks adorable :) It was super warm here yesterday! Like late spring/early summer! Crazy.