reading the gaga faced lovey-love eyes

On Sunday afternoon we were driving home from somewhere or other and were stopped at a stop sign, waiting for the traffic to slow down so we could turn left. I looked around (I have a habit of watching people) and up ahead, on the other side of the street, was an isolated private little house, a driveway, a man, and a woman.

The man had the woman by the shoulders, staring at her face with big lovey-love eyes.

"Whoa," I said, "they are in love."

Luke didn't see the lovey-love eyes, so I explained some more, gesturing at the distant couple and shaking my pointer finger all around in the air.

"Look how he is looking at her, look at the way they are talking.  Their faces are all gaga.  They are standing so close.  Those people are sooooo in love."

He laughed at me, and started to pull out into the break of traffic to turn left.  He said he thought the man was breaking some bad news to the woman.  Maybe they were just getting home from a funeral?  Maybe they were coping with something and talking something over --

"HE'S PROPOSING!!!!!" I interuppted.

Luke swung his head around to see a glimpse of the man, the gaga faced lovey-love-eyes man, down on one knee.

We were all excited and giddy at this point.  This might not sound exciting, but people?  It was unbelievable and funny and felt so BIG.

"Do you think he was?"
"Holy crap, that was crazy."
"I think, I mean, it really seemed that way?"
"He was probably tying his shoe."

We were silent for several blocks when Luke finally said, "We have to find out.  I'm going back."

We turned the car around, but were sure they would be gone by the time we got back.

They weren't gone.  They were still in the driveway.  The girl was staring at her left hand and shaking it around, full of glee.

He was really proposing.

The lovey-love eyes couple will never have any idea that total strangers witnessed their private big moment that took place in a little driveway on a quiet sparse street.

I am really good at spying on people.

(My kids don't have a chance.  I will always know what they are up to.  I am pretty happy about this.)


  1. That's too funny. You never know when other people are watching!!

  2. That anonymous is me, the comments are being weird right now.

  3. I've never seen a strangers proposal in person (saw my sisters) - but oh, how I want to. It' just makes my heart full thinking about it...

  4. What an awesome story!! I feel all warm and fuzzy just by proxy. :)

  5. that? is awesome! i LOVE that you went back to see... so something we would do! :)

  6. This gave me goosebumps, which makes me feel a little silly, but love is great.

  7. Oh that would've made my year. I'm totally a people watcher too. Big time. It's the only reason I ever go to the mall. But my favorite place to watch people is the state fair. This is Oklahoma after all.

  8. I love that! "He was probably tying his shoe!" Priceless.
    I love witnessing those sweet moments when other people don't even realize I'm there. It's like watching a movie - only the love you saw was real. And that makes it all the more worthwhile and amazing.

  9. That is too cool! What amazing thing to secretly witness.
    My best friend's hubby actually proposed to her by pretending to tie his shoe. He handed her his sketchbook and told her to look in it while he tied his shoe. He knelt down. She opened the sketchbook to a cartoon of him kneeling down with a bubble that said "Silly, I don't even have shoe laces!" She looked down to him on one knee with a ring. Sigh!

  10. That's crazy and so cool all that the same time! I woulda been all weepy...

  11. What a beautiful thing to witness!

  12. What an excellent moment to witness.

  13. Aww how sweet that you got to witness that :)

  14. this story made me really happy.

    and I love that you notice the details around you. Noticing's good.


  15. Happy. Happy. Happy. Happy. Happy. Big ol' happy.

  16. I love this story. (I am totally re-reading your old posts.)