stream of craziness

I was really sick all weekend, and have spent the last few days trying to get rid of the Easter grass and total chaos that accumulated while I sat on the couch blowing my nose.

I've decided I hate Easter grass.

Also? I've gotten really introverted lately.  This is what pregnancy does to me. Is introverted even the right word?  I get all reflective and start over-thinking everything and talking to myself during the day like some kind of crazy lady.  I was in nesting mode for the entire second half of my pregnancy with Alice and I seem to be repeating that.  I get obsessive about silly stuff and important stuff.  I think and chatter to myself about how I want to soak up time with the two kids before I have three and how I want to prepare this house for the (over) load of five (!!!) residents rather than four.  When I'm not thinking about these things, I am doing them, and sometimes I am maniacally thinking about them WHILE I'm doing them.


It isn't that our house is tiny, exactly, it just isn't very big.  It's a 1954 ranch with three bedrooms and one and a half bathrooms.  There are so many things I love about it.  Really.  I have made lists in my head!  I've sighed, recounting them to myself while lovingly cleaning floors and organizing the pantry and purging all kinds of crap from the closets.  No matter how many cozy feelings I have about this little house, to fit another human in it we have to get rid of a bunch of blankets and movies and papers and stuff.  That's just a fact.

(Is it normal to have four people in a three bedroom house?  Do you all have sprawling homesteads or am I in good company?)

It also occurred to me recently (now that I am 21 weeks pregnant) that I am going to be GIVING BIRTH again.
Thrilling, terrifying, and amazing. 

And something to obsess over while I sweep and sweep.  And sweep.

I really hate Easter grass.

(Please squint as you glance at my weird toes and pretend you don't notice them.  Feel free to take notice of  the blue half-moon shaped protruding baby boy stomach without any kind of visual handicap.)


And PS!

This is what was going on on the other (already swept) side of the living room while I took the photo of the junk on the floor.

My kids were playing "The Princess and the King".  I just had to show you what a fantastic dainty girly princess Alice makes, and what a hilarious, pimp-like King 'costume' Clark has on.  He is wearing a vintage White Stag Teddy Bear Coat.  He calls it his King robe.  Like most of the weird stuff I own, it was 75 cents at the Salvation Army.


  1. You're not alone! We're a 5 person family living out of 2 rooms & 1 bathroom. The other bedroom & bathroom are inhabited by a roommate who's rarely here. I'm considering kicking him out...

  2. We are four, two days a week five (stepson) and GOING TO BE SIX family with four bedrooms and a roomate on the other 'side' of the house off the kitchen,and we are barely making it here in SD.

  3. Erin - we are four people living in two bedrooms. You are not alone. Also, it is so cute that your little girl plays dress up and pretend already. One of the advantages of having older siblings?
    (Thrift stores in Florida feel much different than in Indiana)

  4. You can do it! It's a mess, but we're another family of 5 living in two bedrooms,

    and we're happy:)

  5. Your Princess and the Pimp photo is priceless, as is baby bump with your darling toes.

    We've got 900 sq feet, 2 bedrooms, 1 bath, 2 adults, 1 kid, 1 dog and 1 cat and the 5 of us always seem to be trying to share the same exact 2'x 2' area at the same time.
    And I wouldn't have it any other way.

  6. I agree with Lisa. We have 850-ish sq. feet, 3 small bedroom, 1 bathroom, a 65 lb. dog with a crate the size of a small house, and a bebe! on the way. I hope we're close and snuggly and together all the time. It's what makes houses, homes. :)

    Cute baby boy bump!

  7. Those kids are adorable. And yes, we're doing two adults, three kids, and a dog in a 2 1/2 bedroom, 1 bath and no yard. You can do anything. Your family will be just as wonderful as in a bigger house.

  8. I love your stream of craziness - and while I hate Easter grass (tons! - thanks MIL) I do like having my kiddos search for eggs and have fun with an activity versus just ripping open bunches of presents.

    The costumes? So cute!

  9. I love that you sweep up all the big stuff too instead of picking it up and then having to go back and sweep again. smart. Also, your floors are gorgeous!
    we were living in a three bedroom house for 6 months with three kids and it wasn't too bad. Although, the baby's crib was in my room so I could do night feedings without disturbing any of the other kids. But it was fine, ad I'm sure that if we had had to move her into my daughter's room instead of moving to a city where we could afford a bigger house everything would have worked out fine. I'll find out I suppose since I hope to become a family of 6 (and then 7!) at some point and we will probably still be in this 4 bedroom house. If nothing else it is a great excuse to get rid of all the accumulated clutter!

  10. Alice is a completely perfect princess, and I am in love with Clark's pimp king coat.

  11. First off, let me just say that I'm de-lurking---because I love you and I lurk here, quietly.

    We are SIX in a three bedroom house.
    And the square footage of said house is 1100 square feet.

    And when we aren't HERE...we are commuting to another city where we live in two bedrooms at my parents house (icky job situations that are growing us but, SHEESH).

    So, yes.
    NO room.

    But, yes.

    (because its so snuggly and all)

    Sara Sophia

  12. Four people in a 3 bedroom house here! It's small but cozy.

  13. 5 people in a 1200 square foot house. Plus we have a 95lb dog. Our 6&3yr olds share a room. (recently went mattresses on the floor to bunk beds) and the 16 month old is still sharing our room. Crib and a king size crammed in with no space for walking. Really, none. But we have a room upstairs with a computer and a not-for-sleeping bed (if you catch my drift. since, um..the baby is in our bedroom) and we're tight but cozy. I look at it as less house to clean.

    And you're not crazy. We all go through phases of what we want/need as far as social interactions versus straight-up family time.

    hug to you.


  14. I get SO introverted when I am pregnant. I thought I was the only one!

    And our house is smaller than yours. 3 bedrooms. 2 baths. Sometimes I still feel like it is too big - call me crazy! ;)

    Also - Alice's dress = fun. Clark's coat reminds me of The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe for some reason...


  15. No worries, I think and do things like that a lot and I'm not pregnant :)

    and I don't think you're alone with the house thing. Our last house was too tiny for anyone but a couple and then we grew and it worked out. Really snuggly like :)

  16. Sorry you've been sick!!

    Love that picture of swept up stuff--the "G" in there makes me smile. Every time I sweep anywhere in the house, I find one of those fridge letters!

  17. dido on that grass crap, I'm still finding it in my front yard. So I hear you met up with the great Dera and family. Isn't she a riot? I love her to pieces.

  18. I hope my nesting kicks in soon. There's a lot to do before I have this little one.

  19. I am with you on the home size thing. I go back and forth between feeling like I am going to scream and we are all packed in like sardines and realizing that I am spoiled and ridiculous.

    You blog looks very lovely :)

  20. we are a fam of 5 in a three bedroom too. its really small and it drives me crazy sometimes, but we used to be a family of four living in a 1 1/2 bedroom. (yes, they have those here - its basically 1 br and a large closet with a window ;-) so i try to remember those days and be thankful. but its hard - esp when we go for playdates at these HUGE houses with 3 people living in them!

  21. That last pic is so cool!
    We scored an excellent deal on our 4 bedroom otherwise we were going to be crammed into a two bedroom...not a three but a two. Glad we found this one. Oddly, though, I'm already wondering what will happen when baby number three comes along...or baby number four. You think your musings are kooky. I'm already quite a few years into the future with mine. :) Oh, and we don't do Easter grass around here. I hate the stuff too. I just tore up some scrap tissue paper (into big chunks) and stuck it in the bottom of Levi's basket...much easier to clean.

  22. Just chiming in (late) to say that we have a 3 bedroom ranch with two adults, two teens and two little ones. The teens each have their own bedrooms and the little boys are still in our room. Arrgh! But it is nice to know that there are others who don't have the mini-mansion thing going on. Next year when both teens go to college I'm hoping things get more sane around here (but I will miss them)!