(and it is a really good movie)

Alice love love loves to draw and color.

She concentrates really hard and talks to herself while she fills her coloring books and her regular books and my regular books and our utility bills with "words" and circles and lines and oh my gosh, EVERYTHING IN MY HOUSE LOOKS LIKE THIS:


She'll be 21 months old tomorrow and I am 27 weeks pregnant and I really hope these months don't all blur together later like a really good movie with a plot I can't remember.

(She also loves Minnie Mouse and "Go, Dog. Go" and her big brother and she calls her pants "mants" and candy "nandy" and herself "Had-is" and answers yes or no questions with either, "Uh-huh" or "No way".  She has been using the potty for three months because I let her have a jellybean every time.  She is very motivated by nandy.)



  1. They will kinda blur all together. But thank goodness you take so many pictures. I pretty much don't remember the first year of Otto's life. And thereby anything else in that time frame. But maybe you're more clear headed than I am. I'm all fuzzy. Like right now..this started as a short and sweet comment and well, I've probably written more words than your actual blog post contained.
    But seriously, everything in my house looks like that too.
    The walls, the doors, all the paper, my kitchen table...

  2. It makes me sad that it will inevitably all blur together. That's why blogging is such a gift. (and for other reasons, like meeting people like you.)

  3. Ivy's LEGS and BEWWY look just like that. I have rid the entire house of markers but she KEEPS FINDING THEM.

    When oh when can we get them together to play?


  4. I love that picture of Alice peeking over the sofa (or whatever it is). She looks very mischievous and sweet (at the same time). :)