arrest this woman

Have you ever noticed that I tag some of my posts with "drama police"?  Have you wondered what it meant?

Often when I am acting emotional or overreacting about something or needlessly fretting, Luke cuts me off and starts singing, "dra-ma po-lice, arrest this wo-man..." to the tune of "Karma Police" into a fake microphone in his hand.  I would imagine some wives would not appreciate this, but I laugh every time.  This is how he jokes.  And I need a dose of reality injected into whatever I am all flustered about.

I have had a lot of "drama police" type posts lately.  And "drama police" type feelings. I am going to go ahead and blame the almost-28 weeks of pregnancy. It is wearing me out to feel things this much.  I am remembering what it felt like to be a teenager. (UNSTABLE.)

Today during a "drama police" moment where I was crying because of the food all over the floor and something else I can't remember, we put the kids in the car and went for a little drive.  Luke didn't tell me where we were going, but after Clark and Alice fell asleep he drove us to my favorite thrift store and told me to go inside and take my time.  And it was the Saturday Madness 48¢ Sale so, you know, I could GO TO TOWN.

I filled my arms with vintage children's books and commemorative Apollo 13 drinking glasses and pillow cases and (angels singing) the perfect lampshade for a lamp I purchased at this same thrift store like eight months ago. I was so worked up when I found the lampshade that I couldn't help smiling like an idiot.  I know.  My life is a ball of excitement.  BUT LOOK AT IT!  It is old and has pom-poms and dotted swiss and subtle lace and it was 48¢. I think I felt the same coy smiley way eight months ago when I found the lamp, even though the little German guy is missing his guitar and the cat's tail falls off all the time.


(I'm not sure this photo captures the charm of the lamp/shade combo, but I promise, it's cute and fun and the kids like to rock the knitting rocking-chair lady back and forth and it is perfect for a baby girl's room.)

I love my husband for a lot of reasons.

I love that he knows what cheers me up (lucky for him it is cheap crap from the Salvation Army).

I love that he ran out and got me two takeout entrees from Thai Cafe last night and I got to eat them for three meals and two snacks.

I love that he knows how to make fun of me in a way that makes me laugh at myself.
He tells it like it is. 
I guess sometimes I do too.

(This is what you get when you mess with us*)

*I had to edit and add this disclosure just in case someone out there doesn't know the song -- this is a line from "Karma Police", not like a threat. Okay I feel better now. Phew.


  1. I'm so jealous. I love thrifting. A lot. So much that I've considered purchasing a truck just for thrifting purposes. I'm always finding perfect furniture that has to stay there all lonely & stuff just because I have no way to bring it home so I can admire it here.
    Good husbands are hard to come by. Be sure to cook lots of bacon so he sticks around.

  2. Oh, and I love how I was the first person to leave you a comment on your last TWO blog entries.
    I'm not a loser..I just look like one.

  3. My husband has a truck! Another good reason to love him.

    "Um, hi Luke, I bought a china cabinet, can you swing by and pick it up on your way home? They have your name and are waiting for you. It was only $30. There will be bacon on the table when you get here."

  4. So wonderful. I'm glad you have such a wonderful partner who knows you so well. You'll pull through this hormonal craze soon enough. I write that as a woman who just gave birth to her third child 2.5 months ago and was absolutely a crazy wreck for the entire pregnancy. I can admit that and smile somehow now. Could admit that while pregnant, but wasn't able to smile about it. :)

  5. Three things: 1. Luke is awesome. He gets high points for this one. 2. The third pregnancy was easily the hardest one for me. When Lucy was born I felt like I finally became myself again. What a relief. As in, even having three small children is easy in comparison. Hang in there. This ends. 3. LOVE the lamp and shade. You are so taking me to that thrift store when I come visit. Even if I have to buy a new suitcase there to fit the stuff I buy. :-)

  6. I love this post because i can relate...and I'm so not pregnant anymore! But I do have "drama police" moments and boy does my husband know exactly what will make me smile. great post!

  7. Ha! This is great. I think we both have very lucky husbands. When I get bummed I head for the thrift store too. And, I am so glad to not be the only crazy pregnant lady out there. I wasn't like this with Levi, but with this one I freak out over everything and cry at the drop of a hat. Agh! It's kind of frustrating. Thankfully, Stephan is very patient. I think we both got good hubbies!

  8. i'm a crazy preggo too, and the husbands are awesome.

  9. It is one of the best feelings when your husband sees that you're having a little freak out and does what he can to help you through it. Does Luke give lessons?

    And, oh. my. gosh. I would freak out over commemorative Apollo 13 glasses!

  10. That is awesome. I love it. And also, Ok Computer is my favorite Radiohead album Ev-er.

    I have this old wizard of Oz juice glass I keep meaning to take a photo of to show you. I think of you now when I drink (wine) out of it (only sometimes! (the wine).


  11. I love that your husband sings like that. My husband does funny things like that too when I'm grumpy and unreasonable and illogical (and I -secretly - love it).


  12. That lamp is adorable! We had a family friend who had a lamp made out of driftwood and they'd glued all kinds of little wooden animals all over it and I was mesmerized as a kid!

  13. I love that you love your husband. :)

    Gees, *I* love your husband!

    And? My friend just found the matching mobile that goes with your lamp at a flea market a couple of weeks ago. No joke. Same little people. Maybe she'll let me steal it from her and I'll send it to you.