on second thought (part one)

When Liberty of London debuted their stuff at Target a couple months ago, I was not wowed.  In fact, I think I said something like, "oh the color palettes are so tacky, it's not the classic Liberty look that I expected."  I said it in my snobbiest voice like a big jerky know-it-all with superior taste.  I gave most of the displays (especially big ticket items like bedding) my best skeptical face as I passed them. And passed them.  And passed them.  I go to Target a lot.  There was a lot of face-making and stuff-passing.

So, um, guess what?

(blush blush blush)

Over the last two days, I've spent hours driving my snobby self to three different Target locations, scrounging through the very last bit of Liberty inventory in and around the city, hoping to scrap together a bedding set.

I know! I know.

I am not sure what happened in my brain exactly, but as I stared at my bedroom on Sunday trying to figure out what needed to change, I thought of the (blue/black/white/off-white/yellow) wavy floral quilt and it all clicked. The color palette (ha, I know) would be kind of perfect in our blue/black/white/cold/blah bedroom, I thought to myself.  I thought about it some more.  I maybe sort of liked this new idea.  I maybe sort of liked the quilt?

So here we are, three days and lots of gas and a depleted gift card later. The bedding is on the bed.  I love it and stroke the quilt happily (and maybe a little crazily) and leave our bedroom door open all the time so I can peek at it and smile. The coziness in the room went up about six levels. This change of heart was for the best.  Never say never, you know?

I feel very much like a little kid who has just learned a lesson.  Or relearned a lesson.  I've learned this one before. 

(Part two is not about stuff you buy at the store but it is about how I changed my mind about something.  I will write it out tomorrow.)

(PS. Target is in no way paying me to mention them, TRUST ME.)

(PPS.  I actually warmed up to some other items first, like (ha!) the bag featured so prominently in my blog header.  And a wallet.  And a dress for Alice.  BUT I continued to evil-eye the other stuff, I swear.  Especially the bedding.  Dirty looks were cast toward it until the bitter game-changing end.)


  1. There is no shame in changing your mind or coming around to another point of view.

    now speaking of quilts, I really out to crawl under mine. (night!)


  2. You are so funny :) I am sure your room looks fantastic now. I LOVE the Liberty dresses...I got one for Maggie, If we lived closer to a Target Annabel may have one(s).Or maybe I should drive there now...hmmm...

  3. You crack me up! Just blame it on the pregnancy hormones. That's what I do about 57 times a day. ;)

    Can't wait to read part 2 ...

  4. Changing your mind is hard on the pride, but it's also kind of fun. Especially if it results in coziness. Now, I'm going to go spend the rest of the day dreaming about shopping at Target.

  5. haha. Oh but I love the liberty stuff. I've just no money.

  6. Ha. So funny. And yes, I actually went through the same thing. I was so confused as to what everyone was so in love with about, but then....then I saw the little girl dresses and fell in love. Too bad hubby turned down the idea of the bedding....but I tried!

  7. I had that same Liberty of London response. Then, yeah. Changed my mind. (That same quilt wound up on my bed, too.) (Target loves me. They smile when they see me coming.) (They smile A LOT.)

  8. ooh- I love it. Happy for you that your bedroom is cozier. You should maybe come visit me and help me figure out how to do that to my room. I've been admiring your new blog header photo too. Looks like a advertisement for...um, something cool. I love the print of the bag- it reminds me of my grandma's bathing suit. The same one she's owned since 1965 :)

  9. i'm madly in love with the fuschia-y/pinky/red quilt. and the cruiser bike in that same design? my kinda heaven.

    i, too, love the way you tell stories.

  10. I was just at Target this morning looking at the Liberty line. So am I gonna get to see the bedding this weekend or what?

  11. This was great, and Jil, my Grandma had the same bathing suit. :)

  12. Totally giggling at the telling of this story because I, maybe, just maybe I can relate. A little too well. I'm fickle about some things. Like fashion and trends and coolness. Yup. I hear you.
    Loved reading this, by the way. You are too cute the way you tell stories.

  13. So funny! I kind of felt the same way! Only opposite! I snagged a few outfits & swimsuit for Ivy the day it all came out and then ended up returning them. Then recently all I've drooled over is their home stuff. (I LOVE that bedding!) Our Target still has a lot left if you need me to pick up anything for you!


  14. Oh I am so the opposite! My husband has been doing the Target runs because every-time I go I pick up something else! A Liberty Coffee mug here, some tumblers for the kids there...I am hopelessly addicted.

    Lucky for me I live in the sticks and there is a lot left. I am hoping that now that the Zac Posen stuff is in the will reduce the price on the liberty stuff!

  15. Sometimes things just have to "sit" on your mind for a little while, don't they? I'm like that with books. I need to wait about a week after I read a book to decide if I really like it.

    P.S. That quilt IS fun. I'm so glad everything came together for you!