bloop Bloop BLOOP

And then it was like someone turned on a faucet. 

Or something.

Or you know how on video games the guy takes a drink of something and bloop bloop bloop, his sad little tired about-to-lose-the-game life-hearts get refilled? That's how I've felt the last couple of days.

Bloop bloop bloop. 

My energy came back.  I credit all of you for making me feel ten zillion times better with your words.  They  rolled around in my head all weekend and comforted me and put me back on my feet.  Thank you thank you thank you.  Times ten zillion.

And guess what?

In addition to energy, I have also had motivation.


I cleaned my whole house yesterday and today.  Every single room is clean.  I also did all of the laundry. All of it.  Every single piece.  This has never, in my recollection, been done before.  Every single thing has been washed, dried, folded, and put into a proper place. 

My laundry room holds only empty laundry baskets.  Our closets are full of choices.

Oh, the choices.  As it turns out, we actually have quite a lot of clothes. Especially the kids.  Whoo boy.  I think I could dress Alice for two months and she wouldn't run out of stuff to wear.

(Okay, not really, that would be if she went through a sensible grown-up allotment of one outfit per day when we all know kids go through 3-4 outfits per day.  Right? Or is that just my kids?  Don't answer that.)   Most of this is hand-me-downs and the rest is thrifted or from Target, but STILL, looking at it all hanging up together like that? Ridiculous.

Once I filled all of our closets, I decided to get the baby clothes down from the attic to see what things our January-born boy could possibly pass down to his little August-due brother.  I hoisted my 31-weeks pregnant self up the rickety fold-down attic ladder and poked around until I located the proper box.  It was heavy.  I am wobbly.  I got it to the top step but quickly felt myself losing control of it. I knew the kids were standing at the bottom of the stairs so I screamed "MOOOVVVEEE KIDS!  MOVE OUT OF THE WAY!  RUN AWAY!  ALICE RUN AWAY!" but of course she didn't flinch and instead stood doe-eyed and curious as the box came flying at her from the top step.  It clocked her in the face.  There was nothing I could do but watch it happen and give her kisses.



The funny thing is that the actual little newborn baby boy, the one coming in August to live in our house and wear those clothes and be part of our family?  I am practically shouting, "ALICE!  A BABY!  A REAL LIVE BABY! WE ARE HAVING ANOTHER BABY!" but she just stares at me, doe eyed and curious.  She is so gonna get clocked in the face by his arrival.  There is nothing I can do but watch it all happen.  And give her kisses.


  1. Maybe it is the morning I am having (Oh what a morning) but this totally made me cry. Especially the last paragraph. You and your kids are beautiful. Happy Day :)

  2. you got your house clean, yep, nesting is in full swing! awesome!

    I've been thinking about you lately, particularly yesterday when I was what i think might be your hood, sitting with the kids at a spraypark.

    What was running through my mind was "oh I wish I would have emailed her and invited her to meet us".

    We need to do that soon. Chill in the shade while our children act like children and frolic in the water.

  3. NESTING! I am so happy for this light shining over you.

    You always have the best blog banners, too. :)


  4. aw :-) I probably have some tiny boy baby clothes if you need some! Owen was born at the end of April and stayed in 0-3 until he was like seven months old, so let me see what I can dig out! (if you want! :-)) Poor little Alice's face. And you rock for getting that box down yourself. No way would I have attempted it. GO you.

  5. a) i love, love your new header
    b) you now have inspired me to clean out my closests (and oh my, they are bad)
    c) i'm so glad you are feeling energetic
    d) i'm coming up to visit. soon. and i mean that. tues, or fridays work best for me (i babysit the other days of the week).

  6. Um, I have some laundry that could use laundering (and folding and putting away - always my buggabear) if you have some of that High Power Nesting Juice to pass around.

    I love your analogy between the falling box and the arriving baby. All you can do, sometimes, if give kisses.

  7. it was satisfying just to READ about someone doing this. yay!

  8. I totally feel the same way about Eleanor. Both with regard to the closet/clothing stash and the whole "clocked in the face" with a new baby issue. Eleanor completely is lacking in understanding that another baby is due to arrive in October. No matter how many times I've tried to explain it to her, or how much my belly has grown or how many times I've had to scoot her over to my leg rather than the center of my lap when we read together... May God have mercy on us all.

    Congrats on the cleaning of the entire house!!! That's gotta be a victorious feeling!

  9. PLEASE send some of that motivation my way.
    & the captcha is "vibers" which made me laugh..because I'm 12.

  10. Somebody is NESTING!! Your little squishy baby will be here soon!

  11. I'm so happy that you're feeling better and nesting. Sorry about poor Alice getting clocked. Even though I try to talk to Levi tons about this new baby, there are times when I realize he really, really doesn't get it. I recently discovered that he truly believes this baby is living at Nanno and BawBaw's house when it gets here. Yikes. There is no convincing him otherwise.

  12. I love your last paragraph and the love behind it.