baby in the corner

Gosh are you guys wonderful or what?

I put off talking about our plans for a homebirth for 35 weeks to avoid negativity, and look what I could have been soaking up!  Thank you all very very very much.  Very much much much.

And your name suggestions were spot-on.  In fact I think someone suggested the name we are probably going to use, and you also suggested most of the other names on our list.   I feel loved and known.  Isn't that a good feeling?

It's kind of funny, preparing for the third baby.  The third baby in three and a half years.  Funny and crazy.  It is flying by.
Physically, I feel full-term 40 weeks pregnant right now.
Mentally?  I am stuck somewhere around 28 weeks.
In reality?  I am 36 weeks.

I usually put a lot of energy into making the nursery, and it mentally prepares me for the inevitability that another person will be living in our house.  I am not saying that the nursery is as important as the Pottern Barn Kids catalog makes it look.  It really really is not important and is totally just a psychological thing.  Both of our kids have ended up sleeping in our bed for a long time and their rooms just got dusty for awhile and I could have worked on them later, but I preferred to get all insane and bossy and fixated because it just plain felt good.  MAKING the room is therapeutic for a pregnant woman, you know?  It is therapeutic for this pregnant woman.

This was Clark's nursery:

We moved out of that house when Clark was six months old and he never ever used the room.

This was Alice's nursery:




This is still Alice's room, though it has evolved as she has gotten older:


Our sweet new baby?  Our precious third child, second son, probable final addition to our family?

He gets this:


Older brother and straw hat included. 
We have a three bedroom house
This crib is in the corner of our bedroom.


As certain as I am that he will never ever know or care that he did not have a nursery (100% certain) it is messing with my head that I can't pour my energy into making a room for him.

I want to destroy and create something.  I want to decorate.  I want to collect more weird kid stuff from the thrift store and project a personality onto the tiny human I am growing and do not yet know.

At some point this baby will move in with Clark and I can go wild rearranging and painting and decorating and all of that stuff I cannot do right now.  I am tucking that future experience into my back pocket and pretending that Clark does not have extremely strong opinions about everything and will want to be at the very least involved in the project, if not spearheading it. 

For now I have to pretend.
I am too crazy to let this one get away.
One day, I am gonna make that Shared Boy Room and I am gonna make it up right.
Just not today.

(Sidenote:  That mobile was mine when I was a baby.  My mom just happened to find the pieces when I was over there hanging out one day.  It made us both really excited and happy that this little boy gets something special that has not had its specialness all used up on the other kids.  This one is just for me and you New Little Baby Boy.)


  1. It looks like the perfect corner nursery! But, I know what you mean. When I was pregnant with Levi I spent so much time on his room....which didn't get used. And, with this one I'm doing the same thing....fully knowing it's just gonna be storage. After this though, there will likely be more babies but no more nurseries. I'm making this one a tad girly. If this one's a girl it'll be her room. If it's a boy, it will temporarily store his clothes and diapers until he's big enough to move in with Levi. Girls in one room, boys in the other, babies in our room. I think it sounds perfect. Well, except that Levi wouldn't sleep in the boy room if I paid him. He still likes ours.

  2. I love this post. I am all sentimental about nurseries lately, as you know. I think the little cozy corner is just perfect. He is your last. And it is fitting that his space? Is with you--you can soak up all the baby-ness to cherish in your heart better--without the guilt that he has a nursery out there that he "should" be in. It's perfect.

  3. your title cracked me up :)

    and i think that little corner is so sweet. i haven't really done much with the nursery other than painting it, but i have BIG plans. ha. i've decided on about 2 things, and the rest is still TBD. oh well, it's not like she'll be in it right away.

  4. First - I've never "done" a nursery. I know some mamas are into it, but I'm not. (Same reasons you mentioned - our babes don't leave our room for a long time!)

    Second - your nurseries are GORGEOUS.

    Third - I am SOOOOOOO (!!!) inspired by Alice's room. We have wood paneling in our living and dining rooms (our house is circa 1930) and I have avoided any kind of decorating because I just hate the paneling so much. What you have done in Alice's room is a REVELATION. I am going to stare at those pictures for a while.

    Finally - corner? big thumbs up. It will all work out perfectly.

  5. I love the mobile! And that it was yours. I am so happy for you, where you are standing right this very moment in time.

    Yes it does feel good to be known, to be gotten.


  6. I think I've commented on this before, but a friend of mine has some vintage decor (another mobile, a lamp) that matches your mobile. I want to steal it from her and send it to you. :)

    I love how you decorated Alice's room. And you're right - it's not really for the baby. It's for you. Some since you can't decorate a nursery for the baby, find something else that will meet that same need. For you. xo

    p.s. can't wait to hear what name you choose!

  7. I will admit, priorities in the area of decorating do change as more children arrive. ;) But that mobile is fantastic and so will everything for this baby be...

    I'm so happy to know that you received such wonderful love and support on your last post too. That does mean SO much.

    Thanks for sharing all the pretty baby room pics. I love that stuff! :D

  8. This is so excited, Erin! You're giving me baby fever :--) I'm so looking forward to seeing this new baby in your full arms.


  9. I love all three nurseries. Alice's is especially amazing to me because you manage to make wood panelling look really nice.

    The baby in the corner style is the type we'll have, too.

    The mobile is darling. I think you were meant to rediscover it for this little guy. Can't wait to hear his name.

  10. Love the title, love the mobile, love that this little boy will get to stay very close to his mama! Imagine, you don't even have to leave your HOUSE to have him and you won't even have to leave your ROOM to snuggle him.

  11. such a rad blog! i love it!

    p.s. congrats on the new babe! how precious is he and how brave are you. well done!!!

    question, where did you get the little activity center in the crib? i had one exactly like that when i was a baby and my mom probably tossed it at some point, but i loved it. was it yours too? they just dont make toys like they used to. :)

    i totally hear you on setting up a nursery that is hardly used. our little one is still sleeping with us at 9 months and only naps in his room. i KNOW one day that room will come in handy. just not now. :)

    the room is wonderful.

  12. What a sweet mobile! How fantastic!
    You are a stellar nursery maker!
    But, I think little babe will like his corner just as well (maybe better:)).