hold still

I have to be clear:  last week's photo was taken after I did my hair and makeup.

I did my hair and makeup because, while innocently perusing a pregnancy book, I came across a section that recommended that you use a tape measure to take weekly measurements of your upper thighs as to ensure you aren't gaining weight not associated with the baby BLAH BLAH BLAH.  Of course I responded to this suggestion like any reasonable third-trimester lady would -- by measuring the size of my thighs not with a tape measure but rather with my eye balls and then crying for awhile.

And then doing my hair.

And makeup.

And taking a cheery photo.

Your comments made me feel like Miss America.  I always wanted to be Miss America.  Love to YOU ALL.


My kids haven't been sleeping, like, at all, the last few weeks.  Daylight Savings and my three-year-old's general hatred for resting have been conspiring against us.  This last week was the worst with Clark finallyfinallyfinally drifting off around midnight each night.  I haven't been doing things like holding still or pausing to think or opening my laptop. The first day of Summer -- the longest day of the year -- felt very much like the longest day of the year.  But the days are getting shorter again and this season will be over in a few blinks and we'll be somewhere entirely different.  For now, I'm doing this hurried stuff and typing these little posts that don't make much sense.  They will someday be a marker in time for me to look back and see where I was.  I was here.  I am here.  I'm just a little scattered.

from clark's camera

photo by Clark, taken with his blue rubbery "Kid-Tough" camera


  1. i love your honesty-- but you know, you would look fabulous with or without makeup. Seriously. i'm jealous of your beauty, let me just say. :)

    and i like your honesty about the sleeping thing, because audrey still gets up occasionally and i hate when i read about kids who have been sleeping thru the night since like 8 weeks old. :)

  2. oh god i hear ya. i'm only 18 weeks and i feel. it.


  3. ugh what was that book???? I say you use it as toilet paper.

  4. You are always 100% beautiful.

    Three years old is so difficult. The good news is, I think, if you both make it through this age, you don't have to ever go back to him being three again.

    My daughter wrote this inside my mother's day card:
    "... and I'm thankful that I've survived you surviving me..."

    There's honesty!

  5. Just for the record, your thighs are perfectly fine. You are growing a baby(!), and you are stunning.

  6. You're just plain beautiful anyway! And, is it just me or should most of those pregnancy books be pitched out of the window?

  7. First - that picture is actually stunning.

    And second: "but the days are getting shorter again and this season will be over in a few blinks and we'll be somewhere entirely different." This made me tear up a little.

    I love your little posts. They say a lot, and it's the way you say it all, really.

    enjoy the holiday weekend, miss america. <3

  8. Hey there! I am new to your blog! You have a new follower! Have a great 4th of July!Come visit Mama's Little Chick when you can!

    Mama Hen

  9. The great thing about Indiana is that if you want to wish away summer, the best season comes next. So I feel like summer is the appetizer to the main entree... And sometimes I've been known to just order appetizers. But
    most of the time I'm an entree kind of girl.


  10. You are so funny :) I did the exact same (crying) thing when I was pregnant too. And all the pictures I took were of my belly only, not my hideous fat face. You look gorgeous! :)