things my family said this weekend

"Mama, no, I need the seatbelt ON."
-Rather forcefully wrapping my arm around her waist as I rocked her to sleep.

"Oh no Mama, I broke Target!"
-Looking very sadly at a piece of plastic she pulled off of the shopping cart.

"Mama, I wuv you.  I wuv you mama mmmmm....  I wuv you, too."
-She says this all the time.  She is made of sugar.

"Oooh, fanks mama!  Fank you, I wuv it!  I try it, I like it!"
-Her words to me as I find her with the Hello Kitty nightgown that was supposed to be a birthday present.

"Wow, this is just like the timer Ethan and Kai have! I'm assuming they went to Chick-fil-a too."
-Excitement over the 30-second timer that came as his Chick-fil-a Kid Meal prize.  
I just can't get over how he uses words like "assuming" and "referring" and "apparently" correctly.  When did he grow up?

"This is because I am DEFINITELY going to preschool... and this is because my sister Alice is having a birthday this week and she LOVES Hello Kitty... and THIS is because my mom is having a baby..."
-Putting items on the Target conveyor belt and giving the cashier a little more information than she needed about our purchases.

"I'm thinking of writing a book about raising these kids and I need your help with a title.  Should I call it Lunatic Angels or Joy Demons?
- I think Lunatic Angels.


  1. What a great read to start my morning! It's 10.30 here, still a late start a suppose... 'I broke Target' is my favourite, it's sweet that she was concerned!

  2. oh, that alice and my axel would hit it off with their sugary goodness.

    (and i wuv you, too.)


  3. Adorable! Ivy says "wub". Love what they say.


  4. They are just too much :)
    Thinking of you these days...

  5. Luke has started saying basically, actually, of course, and clearly, all used correctly and it KILLS me dead.

  6. So, it's a pre-birthday present then? ha!

    I ADORE the toddler speak - so precious!

  7. I will buy Luke's book.
    also, can we just have a reality show at your house, starring your family??

  8. My family loves your family. So much. We're praying and waiting...

  9. this post just makes me smile!

  10. I love her bangs!!! Cuteness.

  11. Love the photos at the bottom.

  12. I wike her, That my fav rit.