baby-mooning & multi-tasking

things I have recently done while holding & nursing a newborn:

made beds
many loads of laundry
vacuumed & steam-mopped
fixed my hair
fixed my makeup
buttered & peanut buttered toast
dressed two squirmy older kids
dressed myself
dressed clark back in his clothes after he took them off the first time
dressed clark in his mario costume after he took off his clothes for the second time
tied shoes
visited with friends
visited with the pediatrician
watched baseball games with my feet up
tweeted stuff
edited photos 
browsed flickr
thought out every last word choice for blog posts that will never be written
forgotten the main ideas of those blog posts that will never be written
stared into space
typed this list


and watched my copy-cat in action


ps.  clark starts preschool this week.  i am not sure if i want to burst into applause or sob my eyes out.

pps.  are you on twitter?  i am hanging out over there a bit while i am limited to one-handed typing.  i'm @swonderful, let's be pals.

ppps.  i keep reading the word "applause" as "applesauce" and should probably close my eyes now.


  1. I love it! I have a six week old and a deployed spouse, so I can definitely relate to nursing while doing other things. Think of the strong arms we'll have one day!

    Loved the picture of your daughter wearing her doll. So precious!

  2. Oh my goodness, I love that she is emulating you!! That is so beautiful and sweet!

    And good luck with the beginning of pre-school. You'll both do fine! ;)

  3. Ooh are you baby wearing? What are you using? I have a babyhawk but fancy something more snuggly

  4. frack.
    lost my comment.

    i hope to be comfortable enough to do all of these things while nursing, but i'm still in that "i'm afraid to move for fear of ripping my nipple off" stage -- i'm sure it'll get better once we become better at it, right?

    but my ultimate goal?
    sleep while nursing.


  5. LOVE!!!

    My sons have Mario and Luigi costumes. So adorable.

    I am hoping that my little girl will take to her new position as a big sister as well as Alice seems to have taken to her new place in the family. She's looking as grown up but adorable as ever, Erin!

  6. Mmmm those pictures are super sweet and you're making my arms ache for holding a little one while trying to accomplish a million things. It's such a sweet sweet time.

  7. My GOODNESS you are all OVER the place! Didn't you JUST birth that sweet boy? I feel like you should be sitting down somewhere be waited on!

    Oh, and whenever I see Applause crackers, I think they are Applesauce crackers.


  8. my two year old wears her baby, too, just like mama:)

    we have to be superheroes sometimes, with all the one-handed acrobatics! hope you're taking it easy a bit, too. happy babymoon.

  9. I also wrote out a list of things I learned to do with one arm holding a sleeping/nursing baby. The hardest thing, I thought, was mopping. :)
    Emerson started preschool about 5 weeks after Greta was born. And once all the emotions about it got sorted out, and she eventually started enjoying it- the time she's gone has become a nice break for me. Just one less person to be responsible for :) I mean, I still miss her, everyday, but she enjoys it a lot- so it has ended up being a good thing for all of us :)
    um...sorry I rambled.
    and I wish I could stick with twitter more- maybe I'll sign in to see what you're up to.

  10. Your pictures are so magical...love the babywearing ones especially.

    And how cool that Clark has a Mario costume! Do you know that I secretly love playing the Mario Brothers games? I do. :)


  11. I'm disappointed in this list. I expected so much more from you
    lawn care while nursing?
    operating a motor vehicle?

    Alice is so sweet in the sling pic.

  12. Way to go super mommy! I looove the pictures of Alice wearing her baby...although I'm a bit concerned about the safety of her back carry :) And I always love pictures of Clark because he seems to be always dressed in some sort of fun costume. You are so blessed :) Miss you friend.

  13. Your little girl is adorable!!


  14. I read applesauce the first time too :)