dear whole internet

Do you think if I admit out loud to the whole internet that having three kids ages three and under is (so far) not the apocalyptically difficult situation that I was expecting that the Earth will cave in and all my babies will throw up at the same time and I will not sleep again for a week and a half?  Probably.  But I am going to risk it, if only so I can look back on this blog post and laugh in a month or so.

(Deep breath.)

So far, having three kids aged three years and younger is not the apocalyptically difficult situation that I was expecting.

I feel like I mostly have things under control.

(Cue the power going out and someone running a fever and someone else having a tantrum that lasts until tomorrow.)

We moved Alice into Clark's room when Hal was born.  We were out of room in the King bed and knew they wouldn't sleep alone.

This new arrangement has been a revelation.  They LOVE it.  They have each other and don't feel lonely and sleep all night and oh my gosh why didn't we do this earlier? I am sleeping much more now, with the breastfeeding newborn, than I was before, with the two large children who sleep perpendicular-like and kick and squirm and get scared of noises and wake up many times to let me know that they want milk but only in a green sippy, etc.  In fact, I am sleeping more now than I have a long while.  In addition to the much less crowded (and talkative) bed, I also don't have a huge baby belly or third-trimester pregnancy symptoms.  In fact I feel kind of lithe and spritely compared to the physical self I was one month ago.

One month ago!

Hal is one month old today.

That probably seems just about right to you, but it feels all wrong to me.  Either he is older or younger than that, I think? Time is just all mixed up for me. It seems that I just met this little person that I have known forever.  He is a part of me and always has been yet he is entirely undiscovered and mysterious and I can't wait to know who he is and I have no idea how to put an age on any of that.

I know you know what I mean.


There are so many things I mean to blog about but never do. All of the nursing and multitasking leaves me little time for typing with two hands. I do, however, post photos on flickr almost every single day. They tell a lot of stories that I never get the chance to write out.

Are you on flickr?

This is my flickr page---  http://www.flickr.com/photos/thedunlevys/

If you ARE over there would you pretty please add me as a contact so I can add you too? 

And as always, I'm @swonderful on twitter if you want to be friends there, as well.

I like friends and I like you guys.


Whole internet, you are such a tiny big place.


  1. low tolerance or not. this is lovely.
    we did the sibling sleep together thing when finn was born too. it worked splendidly. until we realized that cora was getting less sleep and stella was getting more.
    now they bunk bed it. and i LOVE it.

  2. i love it when i realize these things i should have done so long ago : ) happy to hear things are going well!

  3. You are so darn charming!
    I am so happy for you about all of this. :)

  4. First off. COMPLETELY adore your new header. Brilliant.

    And you are doing great lady and I'm so very happy to hear it.

    Hal is complete sweet perfection. mwah!

  5. You know, this gives me a whole lot of hope that when we make the switch into three, it will be OK .. more than OK, even. Good. It will be good. I'm SO glad it's good for you.
    Also, I adore sibling co-sleeping. We've had E and G together in a full size bed for four months {gasp! how did that happen? It seems like so much less time.} They love sleeping together, though E comes into our bed in the middle of the night because he has to nurse ... wouldn't want to lose that triple chin now. ;)

  6. And here we are the only ones we know (in real life) who has our kids sleeping together. So glad you are enjoying it, too. :)

    I'm Leilani, by the way. Found you a couple of weeks ago...your birth pictures are so BEAUTIFUL.

  7. This makes me smile. And although I've only got two under three I've been thinking such similar thoughts. I was fully prepared for disaster, and it's just not. I'm scared to say it too loud though. :)

    Hal is gorgeous by the way.

  8. I love seeing your photos on flickr. So delightful, always. And can it be really 1 month? How?


  9. And I like you! So much.

    I felt the same way with three, although mine were 3 -- five and under. My theory is that you don't have to waste any time or energy worrying about how to take care of a baby, so it frees up all your time and energy just to love and enjoy. And the two olders bond, and you learn to let go of the illusion of control a little better with each kid. Control of all of it - the kids, the house, life, etc.

    I'm so glad you're doing great and enjoying three. Sure, there will be tougher times. But you deal. ;)

    Love to you! (And I loved your comment on my most recent post. You're so right, and you said it so beautifully.)

    xo elizabeth

  10. I like you, too.

    Aren't you smart? To put the two older siblings together, I mean? That's so sweet. I never really slept with my little brother (I was nearly 5 when he was born) except for when we would go on trips as a family and then I would sleep with him in hotel rooms. And can I just say? A brother's big adolescent feet? NO THANK YOU!!

    I am so glad you are handling your three under three. Mamas like you are like superheroines to me. I went to the zoo (her idea!) yesterday with a friend - she has twin babies, and a two year old - and I don't understand how she does it. Seriously. Here's hoping things keep going smoothly, and that help is available when it isn't.

  11. I took a peek at your Flikr. Such gorgeous photos of your super cute kids!! You should be very proud of the collection, because they are wonderful.
    When my girls were little, it was all print film, I would have loved to have digital back then! I sure hope that you have printed some of these up and framed them, because they are amazing.
    I added you on my flikr :)

  12. That's awesome things are going so smoothly for you! And I actually can't believe Hal is already a month old. I woulda' sworn he was MAYBE a week and a half...god, why does time just disappear like that?! Anyway, cheers to you.

  13. Wow, I am SO happy for you that they love sharing a room and are sleeping better now. Brilliant solution. My kids shared a room from necessity but they've always loved it, too. And I'm going to go ahead and agree with you that three is not the horror I feared. Though there are days... Love you. Love that picture of Hal. What a bundle.

  14. Well we have 6 kids - even now (oldest is moved and has his own family but...the other 5... )with them ranging in ages 19 years to 8 months we laugh and say that they prefer to sleep like puppies all piled up together!
    They HAVE rooms! but.....they are always happiest when they all pile into one room and laugh and joke like loons - followed by stories and then sleep. This is one of the things I am most happy about in my heart :) They will be friends well beyond my years! They are comforted and loved by each other - if that is the only legacy I leave behind - I will be totally pleased.

  15. Awe, lovely post ^_^

    (And I've added you on Flickr - have had you on Twitter for ages!)

  16. I'm so glad things are working out

  17. say it loud, say it proud!!!! it's so nice to hear that you all have just fallen right into place as a family of 5. (and i can't get over how sweet alice looks holding her baby hal.)

    i am so happy i found you, erin! i'm not even sure how i ended up over here a while back, but you should know how much i like YOU! your writings are always so lovely and honest and poignant. and your images are beautiful, always! thank you for sharing.

    and ps. totally diggin' that new blog header. bigtime.

  18. I love your blogs so much I awarded you the "lovely blog award". Check out my site for more details!

  19. We moved Faith and Elliott into a room together about a year ago and it has revolutionized my life.
    I'm getting more sleep now that they stay in their room and Otto is weaned than I have in over 6 years. It makes me feel like a new person.
    I love that you're getting decent rest. It's necessary to surviving life with 3 kids.

  20. Okay. So. You're TOTALLY making me want to start a Flickr account.

    Do you ever worry about people stealing your photos since their public and high-res and everything? I've been thinking about that and I'd love to hear your thoughts.


  21. love you.
    we're on flickr together.
    when are we playing next?
    or should we go thrift shopping?

  22. Gosh he is adorable. You know, my kids weren't close together like yours, but I found going from 2-3 remarkably easy after going from 1-2 (for me that was HARD). I think you get into a rhythm with that second baby and figure a lot of stuff out. And it didn't hurt that my third baby was super easy and sweet...which everybody says is the third baby "thing".

    Love the new banner!

  23. first, he's so gorgeous!

    we put our girls in the same room really early on (before i was even expecting #3) because they were always sneaking into each other's beds anyway :-)