click clack

You know when my blog gets quiet it means my house has gotten loud, right?

My house has been loud.

I've been working on one post, one, since the weekend.  And now it is Thursday. 

In the meantime (while I keep typing one sentence and then another sentence, here and there, trying to finish that post) you can read this!

My friend Meagan Francis from The Happiest Mom, interviewed me for her blog!

I talk a little about how I try to stay organized, my attitude towards "home making" and share lots of photos.  Meagan is a pretty wonderful lady and I feel super honored that she thought to feature me today.  Check it out!  And leave some love in the comments?

Okay, back to the loud house.

And the baby.  He is groooowwwing.



  1. Baby is beautiful! I also love the sheet/blanket he's on.
    Thank you for your post. We just bought our first house 6 kids and 11 years later. I guess I have been struggling that we couldn't get our "dream" house right away. I really appreciate you talking about loving your house and slowly making it your space.
    I homeschool my kids and money is tight so I admit that making this house our house is taking me forever! I am trying to give myself permission to make it mine even if I hope to find the "dream" later on.
    Anyway, enough about me.I really appreciate you sharing your "real" story. IT makes me feel better about my reality! I think you are doing a lovely job on everything.

  2. he looks like such a little guy! loves...

  3. Erin, he is so cute. I want to snuggle him. As in, I have the physical urge to reach through the screen and pick him up and kiss his little face. (Hmmm...hormones, anyone?)

    Anyway, I loved your interview at Meagan's so much. You have really got me thinking about how I could make some changes around here for the better. You make a great point about being more willing to straighten up and keep clutter out of the way when you like the decor. You would DIE over my messy, cluttered, disorganized house. *sigh* I really could use a little dash of neat freak or a pinch of Type A. I am so seriously Type Z that it's pathetic.


  4. I adore you. I really do.
    I need to seriously take some of these lessons to heart.
    I hate our house. HATE it. It's a trailer that's completely falling apart at the seams.
    I need to just suck it up & make the best of it.

  5. I heart your house. And I want to snuzzle your little man.

    Thanks for virtually wrapping me in the big cozy blanket that is your house on this cold fall morning.

  6. Hi Erin,

    So lovely to meet you! I read your interview at The Happiest Mom. I love Meagan. And you are so easy to fall in love with too!

    I'm working on being more human in my blog. I've been too concerned with presented a seamless front and doling out the right information.

    I can see how people feel like they are coming home when they visit your blog.

    Thank you for sharing your heart!


  7. Oh my goodness he is getting so adorable!! Looks like he is getting your beautiful eyes too :)

  8. It was an honor having you, Erin. Thanks for bringing your readers along for the ride!

  9. OOhhh he is lovely. Boyfriend was looking over my shoulder, saw the picture and said "Who's baby is that?! He's so cute!" :)

  10. Hal is lovely...such a little man! Love the interview. You are so right about kids playing better in a tidy house. It helps so much. That's been one of the awful things about living in a house that's still under construction. Keeping it tidy is so challenging.

  11. Precious boy! He has your same eyes. And growing for sure... :)

  12. Oh! I love the pictures. He is so sweet. ^_^