a couchful

Today at the grocery store someone shout-laughed, "Hey, all YOU need is ONE MORE KID!" at me.

(Oh, hilarious.)

I wanted to say, yes, I know right?!  I do want one more!

But I kept my mouth shut all polite-like
and calmly said, "We do really well actually,"
and kind of believed it.

Oh, me and my manners.

(And my lies.  Are they lies?)


Hal is eight weeks old today.  One of the lingering cool things about homebirth is that I am typing this in the room where he was born - I am sitting right where I sat when I looked his cute grumpy face up and down for the first time and soaked in who he was.  I think that that just might not ever get old.

PS. My kids kinda sorta like accessories a little bit. Except Hal who apparently likes to wear socks and nothing else. Maybe he wants accessories too? Maybe that's why he is grumpy! He wants accessories but he cannot talk! Tomorrow I will put tiny sunglasses on him and see if he smiles and report back.


  1. neither will that picture.

    oooo i would have been SO annoyed at that heckler.

  2. I would have told them we think I am already pregnant!

  3. Ooh, good one Tammi. My mom (MY MOM!) already asked me (a few weeks ago) if I was pregnant. I said, mom, my baby is 5 weeks old. She just kept looking at me like she wasn't sure if that was a yes or a no.

    (Mom, I know you are reading, care to chime in?)

  4. My mom and I spent time with Melissa and Wesley today and that picture of Hal looks a little like Wesley. Maybe just because they are babies but I think they are really long distance cousin friends.

  5. oh, erin...how i am chuckling at your comment about and to your mom here.

    you know i FULLY know what you experience when you're out with your blessings, don't you?
    2 under 3.
    then 3 under 4.
    then 4 under 5.
    and now 5 under 7.
    I KNOW.

    and i know that it is a weird feeling because you feel like defending yourself and getting angry at them and also not caring one bit because you know what a blessing it is ALL AT ONE TIME. defend/anger/non-caring all at once.

    i honestly think most people just want to talk. i wish they wouldn't, but carry-on with your grace. i'm there lying [but, not] right with you.

    and one more will be so perfect. so will two or three or however many more!

    you are so full of good, erin. really.

  6. You are so funny...Hal... :) I am still surprised at the comments that I get at grocery stores. 3 kids is not even really a big family...but people just freak out. My kids even do well in the store (mostly kind of). I think people just look at me wearing one of them and feel like I am just plumb out of places to put them ;)

  7. HA!! Love this.

    And when did 3 kids become a lot?!

  8. For some reason any more than two looks like a DOZEN! :)


  9. For Serious, when did more than two become a lot?

    Oh, right, the national average went from 2.5 kids to 1.8...

    I think you should put sunglasses and a bowtie on him.

    Nothing else.

  10. What is wrong with people?!

    I think you should have said, "And all YOU need is some manners. Oh, and please be sure never to procreate." Idiot.

  11. So darn cute! I always told myself that I would never just have three, because I had the middle child syndrome. It was either two or four. I ended up with 2, due to my crummy hip dysplasia, but would have loved to have more! I say go for four, you guys make gorgeous kids ;)

    That must be a really neat feeling to know your child was born in the house you live in. I get sentimental just driving by the hospital where my daughter was born.

  12. that comment is so ignorant.

    but honestly? i wonder how you do it and do it so well. because i struggle with two most days.

    but you? you should totally have more.

  13. I can't stand RUDIES! I just made up a word for rude people.

    I love how Hal is totally a mini Clark.

  14. I can't believe some of the things random strangers say. Like when my son was crying and this woman started waving her hands by her hears complaining of the noise. I said, babies cry. She had the nerve to tell me, "my babies never did" Who says that?

  15. I'm with Steph --- more than two and you stick out. I say the more the merrier.


  16. I had three under three almost two years ago - I feel like such a slacker that I haven't had at least one more in that time! get used to the comments - they don't stop, although usually I just get "wow, you have your hands full." Nothing so rude as this comment. I think my response would have been "or just something to keep jerks away from me."

  17. I am LOVING that photo! So stinkin cute..

    and who doesnt love a good pair of sunglasses :)

  18. Yep, I've heard those comments a few times. We have twins who are now 4.5 years and a 3 year old girl. The twins are 15 months older than our 3 year old, and right after she was born, that's all I got from people. Well, that and my personal fav: "Don't you two know what birth control is?!" Yeah, I loved that. And now that I'm pregnant with our fourth, I am getting it all over again.
    I keep thinking I'm getting used to it, but man-oh-man, sometimes it is SO annoying. So sad that the majority of our society views kids as an annoyance!

  19. Annoying. Complete strangers have asked me if I'm "done." I'm all, "nope, just getting started." ;0)

  20. I think one of the nicest things ever said to me by a stranger in a parking lot was when I had three in diapers and carseats. I was pushing the behemoth stroller out to the car on a beautiful day in Chula Vista and an old lady said to me "Wow! You're rich!" with the perfect kind of love and enthusiasm. I knew just what she meant. She was right.

    I try to be like her.

  21. Just stumbled upon this blog.. and I LOVE IT. although I do not have kids..yet... I have been reading page after page of your everyday life. you are great. and im looking forward to all your future blogs :)

    oh yeah and F that guy!

  22. Ha. Just yesterday morning I was all proud as I rocked the co-op on a Saturday with all three kids (none of whom I can confine to a sling anymore!), but then by evening time as I tried to navigate a potluck line with the 3 of them on my own, I felt like the most ridiculous spectacle and that people were either pitying me or annoyed by me.

    Although I really do think that most of the time we're totally misjudging people's perceptions. I think we assume others are much more judgmental of us than they really are. I hope that's the case, anyway.

    Your three are so scrumptiously cute. (and i love putting tiny sunglasses on babies.) :)

  23. people should really keep their mouths zipped. you...you do better than well.

  24. Priceless. Take photos of Hal in the sunglasses, please!

    And, omg, when did 3 become such a big deal?!! Someone was actually surprised the other day when they figured out I wanted more babies. Apparently, I currently have the perfect American family, so I shouldn't mess with it. Eyes rolling.

  25. Our family cooked for a christian womens retreat this weekend. The baby in the pack the whole time on one of our backs :) My entire gang was there - we received such mixed comments I had to laugh!anywhere from "YOU'RE DONE NOW RIGHT?" to "WHAT A BLESSING" - Yes I have 6 but Yes I would love more.Some
    people seem unable to absorb that. How sad for them :) p.s. I LOVE the little grumpy look with the socks :) - I get that alot with our 9 month old LOL.

  26. Love it. You are a great Mommy! So glad I found your blog!


  27. Just found your blog and I love it! My girl was born at home 2 months ago. Your babies are precious.

  28. I just changed my profile pic because we talked about accessorizing our babies :) lol
    just to make you smile - Have a great day!

  29. That picture is: AWESOME.

    And so is your blog.

    And so are you.


  30. Love your kids! And I admire you so much for wanting to add another to your family. How is it that I can barely hold it together with only one? Does it really get easier the more you have? I can hardly believe that it does! :)

  31. How rude. I see a mom like you and I WISH, hope, desire to be just like you. We're preparing for the birth of our second baby, our second son, and I can't wait to have more babies. You do it so well, so elegantly, so beautifully. And some people just can't stand seeing others thrive and do so happily. Because I'm sure you had a smile on your face :) You inspire me with every post, and I'm new but I think I've gone back and read your entire archive! Thank you for being a shining light, you are greatly appreciated out here in bloggyland. Oh and those babes of yours? Too gorgeous for words.