time to make the doughnuts*

We have two clocks in our little bedroom. They are set sixteen minutes apart.

We have three clocks in the living room. One is 12 minutes behind, and another is 15 minutes ahead. The third one isn't plugged in.

I have an iPhone that keeps perfect time and a car clock that starts out right but slowly gets behind and never catches up without being reset. (I can really relate to the car clock, I think we would be friends.)

I guess I like to have options?

Today I decided to go by the one that told me it was earlier than it was and I looked at it very hard and etched the numbers into my head. It is really 3:47, I practiced telling myself, it really really is.

I didn't want more time in the day, I just wanted to trick myself into thinking Luke was coming home from work early.

And it was a nice happy surprise when he opened the door two hours later.



Me: Luke, help me title this post.  I hate titling posts I am so bad at it and I know you would be really good at it. It is about clocks and uh, time and stuff.

Luke: (stifling a laugh) Clocks?  And time? And stuff?  

Me: Shut up, you wanna read it?

Luke: Nope, I've got this. How about "time after time" or "time of our lives" or "rock around the clock" or "time to make the doughnuts" and then you really make me doughnuts?

Me: You were joking the least about the doughnuts one, huh?

(I have never made doughnuts.)
(I don't really ever plan to.)
(I am so bad at titles I am using it anyway.)
(Boy are the people googling for doughnut recipes going to be disappointed.)


  1. hey girlie? i just read your Target post, and like...

    i love you.


  2. I get the clock thing. The only clock in our whole house is the one on the microwave in the kitchen. I prefer not to be bound by the confines of mere minutes. Bah.


  3. We have two clocks in our house. One in the kitchen that hasn't had a working battery since 2007 and one in the living that's on the cable box. It keeps real time.

    And yea.. doughnuts. Easiest doughnuts ever.. cut up the cheapest biscuit dough you can find.. either in half, or fours for doughnut hole sized treats. Fry them in a little bit of oil.. turning once..til both sides are brown, then roll em in cinnamon and sugar.

    We eat them way too often here. Which would explain my size 18 waist.

  4. oh doughnuts. let's pretend that they are cider doughnuts. ok?

  5. Time is my friend. The clock? Not so much.

  6. We have so many clocks in our house that I need to do this.

    I heart the pictures of your home, by the way. It's so lovely.

  7. I'm horrible at naming my posts! sometimes it even keeps me from writing one at all...

    I love this title by the way :)

  8. I'm making hundreds of donuts this Sunday. If you come over and help out, I'll teach you how...

    Tell Luke he's invited, too.

  9. My husband and I each have a clock by our side of the bed. In the morning, I try so hard to get my brain to work on how many more minutes I can stay in bed since neither is "correct", but then I think so hard that I am awake....ugh, I should just set them correclty and move on! Have a great day. Oh and the biscuit doughnuts are FAB!!

  10. My family says I live in my own time zone because every clock in my life says something different, and know how far ahead or behind each one is, and won't let anyone change any of them. Then how would I know what time it is?

  11. wow, I just happened to be googling for doughnut recipes and look- it brought me here!
    you guys are soo funny.
    oh, and last night we were watching the sound of music (with Rich this time) and Rich just started laughing as soon as the kids came out. he was like, that kid looks just like a 10 year old Luke! and then we laughed through the whole movie, because if you think about it being Luke and him singing and dancing and making these faces- it's really, really funny.

  12. I would LOVE a doughnut right now.

    And my car clock is the EXACT same way!!

  13. Your doughnut story cracked me up!

    I hope we meet in-person someday, Erin. I really, really do.

    P.S. I consult with my husband for post titles too.


  14. ha. totally reminds me of a conversation my husband and i would have!!

  15. a) my husband laughs at my blogging so most certainly has no input for post titles

    b)we only have one clock in the house that isn't vintage and actually works...and no clocks in the bedrooms. Luckily, we have a 3 year old that wakes up at 0630 everyday like clockwork!

    c)Now I want donuts. Thanks a lot ;)

  16. How do you keep that surface clean? Seems like any flat surface around my home becomes cluttered before I can enjoy its beauty.


  17. No two clocks in our house read the same time. Even the clock on my Blackberry gets behind so I have no idea whether I'm early or late.

  18. I like time options, too. I like to play games with myself and give myself "time gifts". Secretly, I know it's not really extra time but it feels real. Oh, and now I really really really want a doughnut. Thank you.