oh we'll have a lot of fun

There are a million reasons you could judge me as a mom while watching the following video clip.  Okay, I'll go ahead and do it for you.

Number one?  I am video recording while driving.  I know.  I KNOW.  But in my defense I was on a super quiet street and very slowly pulling up to a stoplight and I didn't have my eyes on the camera, I had them on the road.  I was just holding my phone up in the air and occasionally glancing in my rearview mirror to see what was being recorded.  Promise.

Number two?  The seatbelts are all over the place and their chest clips are not at the proper armpit level and tightened and whatnot and for that I blame the unseasonably warm weather today and the fact that I had adjusted them yesterday for Winter coats and today they wore no coats at all because it was like 73 degrees.  This is Indiana's fault.  And a little bit God's. (I kid!)

Number three would be that we are listening to crappy Top 40 music, but hey.  Our car has 170,000 miles on it and the check engine light has been on for six months and the CD player has been broken for about two years.  In a couple weeks I will bust out my Bing Crosby Christmas cassette tape and we will listen to nothing else until December 26th.  (You know you are jealous of this part. You know you want to be an Andrews sister. Jingle bells, Ja-Jingle bells, Jingle all the wa-ay. Oh what fun it is to ride in a one horse open sleigh, buhduhrudarup burup! Jingle bells, ja-ja-ja jingle bells! Or is that just me? Ahem. Don't make me sing.)  Also, I am kind of okay with crappy Top 40 music. So what.

ALL OF THAT TO SAY?  Check out Alice's sweet dance moves.  My favorite are the ones at 29 seconds in.  She cracks.  me.  up.

Also?  Notice how she is singing along at the end.  "I love you."

Also? Notice how entirely bored out of his mind Clark looks?

Just wait 'til I pull out my trusty Bing Crosby tape.  That ought to liven him up.


  1. 1. Girlfriend's moves are so stinkin' cute.

    2. Michael Franti is NOT crappy top 40 music!!! Can I burn you some albums? Do you have him already? My fave. I love. As do my boys.

    3. that being said, Axel and Alice could tear up the dance floor. (the club can't even handle them right now...[how's that for top 40 reference, heh?]).

    4. I miss chatting with you. :( Busy sucks.

    5. xo

  2. i had no idea what that guy's name is, but it is a favorite around here. so what what.

    i love at 29-ish seconds in, too. hilarious. would have some serious dance party fun with our families. but, i am being serious at the don't make me sing.

  3. Adorable.
    And that's the best Jingle Bells ever. I love how you were "singing" the Andrew Sister's part.

  4. I was going to say the thing about that song. Love that song. Not bad, so fun. :)

    I love the way she moves.


  5. oh my gosh that song is on repeat around here. Michael Franti is like toddler GOLD!
    Your squiddos are so cute! Love the video...

  6. Okay since EVERYONE in our house sings along with that one...you actually get 10 bonus points :)

    Those moves - the little hands and shoulder dance moves - OH SO CUTE!

    You will want to view that video FOREVER! What a great memory :)

  7. LOVE. Just love. I can't think of anything else to say, I simply love this. :)

  8. that is so cute!!! emma has a lot of the same carseat dance moves.

    but where is the screaming baby? b/c that's what our video would sound like, lol.

  9. I didn't have the sound on, but if it's Spearhead you are listening to, that is not crappy music. It's true that they seem to have become suddenly mainstream in the past year or so, but the man still puts out great sounds.

    I love the free way children dance. No thought at all about how they look, just loving the beat and rhythm. My 19 month old loves music of all kinds and I am amazed at the inventiveness of her moves.

  10. Cute :)
    My youngest use to love to dance to Ub40's Red Red Wine. All you could hear was her trying to shimmy in the car seat, and back when they had plastic on the outer part of the disposable diapers, you could hear the rustling of them. She also LOVED REM.

    Sometimes things are popular because they are GOOD! I love this song.

  12. Aww, I love her. I also like how snug the backseat looks with all the childrens tucked in back there. More home videos please!

  13. random 26 year old girlNovember 10, 2010 at 1:00 PM

    alice is soooooooooooooooo soooooooooooooo CUTE!!

  14. I love that song but couldn't tell you who it is either :)

    Car dance parties are the best...although for some reason Lucy's favorite's are Bright Eyes and old newfie music.

    Alice's moves are amazing and you can't pass up recording that...whether you're in the car or not ;)

  15. What a great song. I would totally dance like that also!
    Go Alice : )

    PS. I was listening to the Holiday Music station yesterday..

  16. oh man, so this is a song and artist everyone knows? i knew nothing about it except that it was sandwiched between katy perry and rihanna on our crappy top 40 radio station. i believe you all that it is a good one! my foot is in my mouth!

  17. oh man, that's so fun. I've been trying to take more videos of the kids lately.

    Hey, wanna hang out sometime next week? On the assumption that all six of our kids will be healthy on the same day? That would be awesome!

  18. At least it wasn't "Love the Way you lie"

    I swear if I get in the car for 40 minutes they play it three times. What the heck, Sirius?

    That backseat reminds me of my old backseat. You are living the dream, baby!

  19. Of course, the dream will only become enhanced when you add one more carseat - I hope you have a bench seat up front!

  20. Oh, girl, please look you up some spearheadvibrations.com. Your children will thank you.

    (The only band for which I am close to being a "groupie", 6 concerts, all the albums, majority of music for my labor...)

  21. The first time I heard that Franti song I came home, blasted it, and danced around with my 2 year old. Nice moves indeed!

  22. Clark cracks me up! He is so not into it.

    Alice is adorable and would make me smile!

    And your voice made me feel all warm inside.


  23. hahahah love this - 29 seconds is the gold mine!

  24. Love it. Too cute. Can't handle it. Just don't be the mom that tapes their kids after they had laughing gas. Elephant nose. Nitrous oxide.

  25. Love that song. LOVE.

    Also - she's got some awesome dance moves.