johnny mercer named my baby

First of all: you guys are sweet sweet sweet.  Your comments have been lighting me up.  Sweet sweet sweet, every one of you. 

Second:  a realization.  I listen to the same free Christmas music station every year. (You can listen to it too, if you click on that link.) I created it on Pandora a few years ago.  I think I finally have all of the random Josh Groban thumbs-downed into oblivion.  It's just old retro Christmas.  My favorite kind.

Listening to it this year, I remembered where Hal got his name, how it popped into my head and stuck there and ended up the baby naming table.

Minute 2:05

Thanks Johnny.


  1. No joke, I heard this on the radio today and thought of you! :-)

  2. oh, love love love. thanks for sharing your pandora channel. today was my last day of work until after new years, and I'm going to be home gettin' all Christmasy with my boys for the rest of the week. This will help. :)

    merry christmas, friend!

  3. I've NEVER heard that verse before! Love it. Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas!

  4. Listening to your station now. It's making me happy : )

  5. Great Pandora channel! I have 3 Christmas Pandoras to suit my moods: Sister Winter, Ray Conniff, and White Christmas. Ray Conniff is probably closest to Johnny Mercer.

    Hal and Charlie are/were (not sure if they are still on) two Denver morning DJs. Love the name Hal and loved hearing the naming inspiration is in such an awesome, fun, song.

  6. Lovelyn tweeted that your station was awesome and now I MUST listen to it. :)

    If only my internet connection was faster...it's one of the things I miss the most about our old house.


  7. Thanks for sharing your pandora station. Although Pandora is used sparingly nowadays since we're on satellite internet, the usual albums grow old after about a week of listening to them cooped up with three littles all day and night! I love how you completely understand that sentiment. :) Anyhow, listening to your channel and now checking out others mentioned. Sister winter already looks to be a great channel. Love it! Thanks everyone.