topsy & turvy

Sometimes I think of people from my past and in a half-awake daze, look them up on Facebook.  I have no idea where these people are now, what they are doing, or if I am spelling their last name right.  I just type things in and start squinting.  Does her face look right?  Could that maybe be her?  As soon as I am reasonably sure, I start poking and spying.  A puppeteer!  She's A PUPPETEER?  The senior puppeteer in a University program?  Seriously?  Then I look at the puppets, read the job description over again, and start wondering how we both started out on the same street in the same small town and she ended up with this quirky fun life making oddly beautiful puppets, and I ended up with lots of babies and vintage Christmas tree ornaments and a blog.

And then I search a little more and realize the puppet lady is actually some other girl, a girl who shares a name, hair color, and complexion with an old old friend.  A girl who didn't live on my street, ever. For all I know this girl grew up on, I don't know, Sesame Street?  Surrounded by puppets?  Or maybe her parents make puppets?   And maybe I shouldn't compare myself to her?  Maybe I shouldn't compare myself to any one?

I had a whole second part to the Facebook thing typed out but it just went on and on and on and my point was totally out of focus.

I miss normal life but I also am beginning to forget what normal feels like.  Topsy turvy times in this house.  Will the topsy and turvy ever end?  There are so many things in the works, little tangents of my normal life, all with undetermined endings.  So many.

Oh, and I got a hair cut yesterday!  The same girl cut my hair for seven years, and then quit.  So someone new cut my hair.  It felt different.  She did a good job.  Just different.  She gave me cute little choppy bangs and pieces in the front.  When Alice was Hal's age (exactly two years ago) I cut all of my hair off.  As soon as I got home and looked in the mirror I decided nevermind about the short hair thing and to grow it out. I'm still growing it out.  I want to have truly long hair before it all turns gray.

And now here is a totally unrelated to anything mentioned here photo:


Oh, wait, no, I did discuss my kids and vintage Christmas stuff at one point. Not totally unrelated just mostly unrelated.  I think somewhere in the last month of insanity, I forgot how to blog.


  1. You didn't forget how to blog at all. You're just capturing life as it happens...topsy turvy and all. I hope the topsy turvy goes right side up soon. Lots of love to you,

  2. I want a picture.

    and I really, really like you.

    (my girl has been so busy and booked and i always call last minute, so finally I caved and am going to someone brand-new-to-me on TUESDAY.)

    never cut your hair when you're pregnant or just after having a baby. it will always, always make you cry. ;)


  3. Finding a good person to cut your hair is so hard. I finally found someone with the magic touch here.

    And yea.. every time I sit down to blog lately it's a jumble of nothingness and I exit without saving a copy. I need a new brain.

  4. Rule number 1.. there is no right or wrong way to blog. Girl this is your space and were just here for the ride :)

    Don't compare yourself.. you are perfect the way you are

  5. You are right. You should not compare yourself to anyone else. Nobody else could live up to being as lovable and adorable as you. Cut it out!

    Also? Pics of the hairdo woman!


  6. I just wrote a blog about my "blog voice". You can blog about WHATEVER you want to...this is your space! Those of us who want to read it will...I do!
    Topsy & turvy is life with little ones. I am right there with you...

  7. I still can't believe about Jasmine. I was going through my wallet today, I never really use it here, and for some reason looked in the little pocket with my Kroger card and stuff like that. and there was Jasmine's business card. sigh. and strange thing, I'm supposed to be getting my first real haircut tomorrow.
    will you share your new girl? :)

    and I think we need a photo, please.

  8. I once cut my hair really, really pixie short. It didn't work out in real life like it did in the imaginary world in my head....

  9. I want to see your choppy cute bangs, mama! And you don't have to relate photos to blog content; that's the beauty of having your own space on the inter webs, my dear. I need a new hair style, and I'm growing out mine, too. I want the whole long hair, blunt bangs style. Which will probably never happen because I'm so impatient. But since I could give birth any day, maybe I will be able to grow it out!

    I love the mantle, and I adore you, sweet friend. Go with the topsy turvy, and know we're all sending our love.

  10. yes. pic please.

    and i love you and your topsy turvy life. i'm so glad we are friends and are experiencing this crazy life together. xo

  11. I think I might have lost my blog voice as well. oy.

  12. I wish somebody would comment on the part about looking at the puppet girl. Need to know if other's do that too. That might your best post ever..I want to read the rest of it.

  13. I so love reading your blog. The topsy turvy ness is what keeps me anxious for your next post, by the way. It's a good thing. Not bad at all. Kind of like reading a good book in teaser format, if that makes any sense at all. P.S. pic of hair is req'd now. And, I had that snowman when I was a girl. Always put him in the living room window imagining all the kids driving by smiling at our frosty in the window. Now I want one. But no one drives by our new house. No neighbors. Oh well. Still want one. :)

  14. i would like to see this cute haircut.

    and also? i have no idea what my blogging voice is. i have never known. i am a hot mess out there in blog land.

  15. You didn't forget how to blog at all. This post is as interesting as ever. :)

    Also - I *really* hope you post a picture of your new haircut.


  16. I found you singing! I found you singing! And it made my day.

  17. Show us your hair! :)

    Love your lighted snowmen on the mantle. Very cool!