angel troublemaker spaceman clark is FOUR YEARS OLD.

And now I am going to tell you a Clark story that absolutely will not transfer into blog-words or make any impact when I type it out, but I am typing it out anyway.

Yesterday, Alice and I were singing "Jolly Holiday" together in her room, because that is something we do.
For those who are not best friends with Mary Poppins like I am, I will remind you that the lyrics go:
Oh it's a jolly holiday with Mary, Mary makes your heart so light, when the day is gray and ordinary, Mary makes the sun shine bright! Oh happiness is blooming all around her, the daffodils are smiling at the doves!  When Mary holds your hand you feel so grand, your heart starts beating like a big brass band.

(Sidenote:  As a child I did not realize that Bert is in love with Mary.  I just didn't.  I had not yet developed the part of my brain that understood this concept, so I just thought they were close friends with a mysterious past and that he admired her as a human being or witch or whatever it is she is.  But no, his heart is beating like a big brass band.  Got that?  Then there is the verse Mary sings about how he is gentleman and never thinks of pressing his advantage which is basically her saying, dude, I don't love you like that and this is kind of awkward so I will do my Mary Poppins kind-but-firm shtick to shut you down.  ANYWAY.  Back to the story!)

As we were singing, I stopped suddenly.  The baby had grabbed ahold of my hair and was pulling it, hard.  The baby, who is named Harrison but who is called Hal most of the time.  Harrison.  Got that?

So Clark immediately begins singing to fill the silence, to the tune of Jolly Holiday...
"When HARRY holds your HAIR you feel so... grair, ha ha ha ha ha... WHEN HARRY HOLDS YOUR HAIR!"

Okay.  Like I warned, this doesn't like anything written out in words.  I know that.  Except that I also know I never ever in a thousand years would I have thought, "Well, the baby is pulling my mom's hair and his name is Harrison and mom sometimes calls him Harry Potter and Harry rhymes with Mary and I could say that Harry holds your HAIR instead of Mary holds your hand and it would be a funny joke!"
But Clark did.  Clark thought to sing it without missing a beat.  Clark who is his own funny person and not me or Luke or anyone else in the world but Clark.  He isn't just my baby, he is a person.  This kind of crap blows my mind.

Today Clark is four.  Four years ago today, he was born.   Four years ago today, he weighed 6 pounds 14 ounces. Four years ago I didn't know who he was, yet.  Now I know, he is Clark.

Happy birthday to my sweet little angel troublemaker who I could not love more.  We are so glad you are Clark.



  1. Happy happy birthday, sweet Clark!

  2. That's a gem of a story. I get it.

    Happy BIRTHday to YOU, Mama.

  3. clark, who was almost noel, is SO like my noel. and even though you are way cooler than me, we are so much alike too.

    happy birthday, wise, wonderful clark!

  4. Happy, happy birthday to Clark. I totally understood this post word for word. It's so amazing to see a child's personality creep out at that age. Scary, but yet so exciting. He sounds like quite the character.

  5. I love that story. I love discovering that our little ones are actually people. Sounds weird, but totally get it.

    Happy Birthday Clark!

  6. aww I totally get it!
    Happy Birthday, Clark.

  7. it means a lot in blog words. this is what blogging is to me.

    love it.

    happiest of birthdays, clark!

  8. What a sweet boy, and an even sweeter story. It totally translates to the written word! I would have been in awe, too. Happy birthday, Clark!

  9. Happy Happy birthday Clark! And your story made perfect sense in the blog world. Love and cleverness have a way of transcending mediums!

  10. Happy birthday Clark, and happy becoming-a-mom-for-the-first-time anniversary, Erin. =^)

  11. I ALSO did not realize that Bert was in love with Mary, and it didn't hit me until this past year when I watched it for the first time with my kids.

    Kinda like the first time, as an adult, I watched GREASE. And actually understood all the innuendos and couldn't believe my parents took me to see it when I was in 2nd grade. (Of course, Bert was indeed much more of a gentleman than any of the T-birds.)

    Do you ever wish that you could go back and birth your children again, knowing them as you do now? It always seems to me like it would be even that much more amazing.

  12. happy birthday to your little man.

  13. Hurray! happy fourth birthday tp Clark! i love the picture, that outfit is precious...

  14. what a cutie guy!!!

    My nephew just got that space helmet for Xmas, it's awesome :)

  15. happy happy birthday to the smartest kid i know. or at least, read about on the internet.

    and by the way? "This kind of crap blows my mind." i peed my pants a little bit.

  16. love it. i get this 100%.

    Happy Birthday to Clark, and to you, too, Mama.

  17. Happy, Happy Birthday, Clark!! It's just so cool how completely individual each kiddo is. It almost makes me want ten of them...you know just to see what comes out.

  18. He is awesome! Happy Birthday, Clark!


  19. I love that story. That kinda stuff blows my mind with my kids too.

    Happy Birthday to him!!

  20. great story! happy birthday clark :)

  21. Happy, happy birthday sweet little Clark!!

  22. Isn't it so much fun, discovering who our dimpled darling babies turn out to be? Happy birthday to Clark! He sounds like a fun little guy.

  23. this is an awesome story!

    Happy Belated Birthday Clark!

  24. Happy Birthday, Clark!!!

    (And by the way, I love this post... I completely get the subtle awe of discovering your child's wit. It can be frightening at times, can make your heart wanna burst with pride, and can also make you double over in laughter. Mostly, I love that you went through with writing this post, despite your fear of translation... this is exactly the reason I have not posted in ages. I assume no one will understand what's running through this spinning head of mine.)

    Love and miss you. Sorry for being such a bad friend lately.