hey let's go, hey let's go

It's been ten days since I last wrote something here.  I hadn't even opened my computer to return emails in the last 24 hours.  I keep trying to read blogs and catch up and catch up and I still feel behind on everything.

Every. Thing.

I think I need to reread this post.  I think past me wrote it for now me.  Having a messy house makes me crazy.  Like CRAZY crazy, not like fun and hilarious cra-zay crazy.  Like, bad crazy.  I'm trying to work past that and I cleaned my house tonight when the kids were asleep but all that means is that I didn't sit down for the first time until after midnight.  So.  There's that.

But anyway!

I want to come say hi to you.  If you read my blog and you have a blog will you leave me a link in the comments?  I will come say hi.   I want to be friends with everyone.  Not commenting on blogs/returning emails stresses me out, like I feel like a jerk and just don't write new things because I haven't even caught up on the old things.  I really do want to come say hi.  I am just always making sandiwiches and taking kids potty and driving to Clark's preschool and making dinner and nursing the baby and making more sandwiches.  We go through a lot of peanut butter.  My mom took me to Costco yesterday for the first time in years.  I bought some great big peanut butter jars.  I also bought a down coat that I like and am excited about and then I realized my new coat is from Costo and wondered if I was supposed to be embarrassed about that part because I'm not.


I am planning on posting something here, whatever it is, every day for the rest of the month.

So leave me a comment with a link to you so I can say hi, okay?  And if you have any questions for me that I could answer in a blog post, leave that too.  I'll try to answer as many as I can and it will help me write more posts!

Hey let's go.



  1. Hey! Hi! Just saying hello and yeah I have a blog too: http://jadekeller.com. But dood. If you don't have time to catch up, don't feel like a jerk cuz WE ALL do that too. We all have those days (or weeks or months), but when there is time for a little hello? So lovely, isn't it? Hope the crazy dies down. I know how you feel about cleanliness vs. craziness. It's like my house is a reflection of my inner mind and if there's chaos in the house...there goes my mind. :)

  2. Hey Erin, hey. One time I was really stressed out about the cleaning (and I go bad crazy, too) and I went to bed and my husband stayed up till 2 in the morning cleaning. When I came down in the morning, it felt like a scavenger hunt finding all the (weird) things he had cleaned. I think he did that once in all our years of marriage, but I'll always remember it.

    And Erin, you MAY come visit my blog if you WANT to, but please, no pressure. I really love your blog, you know. Your honesty and candor and beautiful smiling face... It cheers me.

  3. Hi! It's me, and I don't really care if you come to my blog or not as long as we can get that cup of chaotic coffee sometime. I'm thinking after Emily gets back from Blissdom and my house becomes less plagued with respiratory disease.

    In the past 2 days, I've seriously wondered if the simple act of preparing food for my adorable, yet demanding and ungrateful children will be the singular act that puts me in a padded room. It will either be that, or having to replace and arrange the throw pillows on my sofa for the one-gazillionth time. Because the pillows do, have a place. Each one of them.

  4. I adore adore your blog. You are wonderful. www.cassieboorn.com

  5. Man, I was just thinking the other day...we really need to join Sam's so I can buy a big, big jar of peanut butter. (We don't have Costco here. I have friends who actually drive to Birmingham to go to Costco!!!) I'm going on ten days over at my blog, too - so much to write about, and so much to do otherwise.

    Like everyone else said, no pressure to come to my blog...just whenever you grab a moment. You know I think you're the bee's knees!

  6. for the record, i don't have three kids (or even any kids), but it makes me insane, too, when my house isn't clean. & i try, too, to tell myself to get over it, but i really just think that my brain can't work clearly amidst all of that chaos. but i get so so busy with work & other obligations, & i can't keep up & it's soooo dirty & i don't have time to clean, so i freak out & i can't even sleep well!

    the point of all this is that i've learned that as busy as i think i am, i can always find a time between shifts at work or just after my am coffee to set a ten-minute timer. & i clean as quickly as i can (focusing only on one room at a time - say no to clean-up ADD!) for those ten minutes only. it's usually enough time to at least get things manageable (& sometimes it turns into 12 or 15 minutes, but only sometimes). i like to blast some good music, too, just for good measure.

    anyway, it's like a catharsis - a quick, loud, ten-minute dance-party purge. it doesn't make the house perfect (i'm trying to let go of perfect - agh!), but it's enough. like i said, this is my process sans kids, but i thought i'd at least share.

    either way, i think you are fabulous & applaud your blogging abilities with all that you have going on (i haven't updated my blog since october!). i always enjoy reading & think that, despite its mess, your home seems like a lovely & loving place. thanks for your inspiration!

  7. I can't remember how I stumbled here but I do enjoy your words, your thoughts, your pictures and take on life. Thanks for sharing and if you can visit mine, great, if not, don't sweat it! http://www.simplicityinthesuburbs.com

  8. hi! yeah, i have a blog too. but like others above, no pressure to come visit. (not that i wouldn't like you to come visit, that would rock)

    i used to get really stressed out by feeling like i had to visit every reader and get to know them. it jut got to be too much, too daunting. i had to come to terms with visiting who i can when i can and that just being ok. and also not personal! it's too hard to keep up with the whole world.

    mess i can live with, but dog hair, DOG HAIR!!! AHHHHHHHH! it stresses me out. it is everywhere.

  9. my goal was to write something every other day on my blog, and i haven't for...i have no idea.

    and my last post was depressing and it's sitting there like a big, sad blob. hopefully you will inspire me to write something fun today. after all, we are going to see the old 97's TOMORROW! whee...

    it's http://twolittlerockstars.blogspot.com

  10. i only have one baby and am overwhelmed. i can only imagine what you feel like....and i can relate on the 'feeling crazy when my house is dirty'. funny how once its clean i feel so much calmer..i enjoy your blog.

  11. Hey! I don't have a blog but I just wanted to say that I love yours :)

  12. I can't keep up either. but your posting something everyday plan makes me happy.

    I hope you have a wonderful warm wintry day in your costco coat. and I think you're funny and awesome.

    love you friend.

  13. I completely understand what you mean about the house. there are days that i have a hard time working on other things if my house is a mess. for instance, today, i'm supposed to build a cardboard house for some stuffed animals, but can't bring myself to start it until i get some housework done. who knows when that will be though!
    we go through a lot of peanut butter too and jelly. that's something else i can't keep up with!
    i hope you start to feel better and life calms down for you soon.
    if you want to check out my blog, it's www.thedrunkenhousewife.com. don't sweat stopping by. you have a lot on your plate. more important things!

  14. hi, girl.
    love your blog.
    lets make this a no pressure kind of year. it's impossible to keep up with everything and try to be 10,000 places at once. it's worth it to just be, i think. and do what you love.
    p.s. did you get the organic peanut butter from costco? incredible. i love costco. i got two huge packages of tortellini and half of the package made double batch of soup. yum.

    i love your artistic view of life and love for your kiddos. you writing is like poetry and you are real. one of the the things i value most.

    keep up the great work and enjoy yourself some peanut butter too. :)

  15. we go thru peanutbutter like water here! :) i don't have a blog {yet} i do enjoy reading yours though!

  16. Of course I am going to leave you a comment ANYWAY.

    And my friend Lori always has the cutest clothes and I ask her where she got it: COSTCO.

    I let things go and keep letting them go until I absolutely SNAP and lose it and then hate myself. It's a vicious cycle.


  17. My hubby says "no one is as hard on you..as YOU are hard on you!" why do we do that to ourselves? sigh...I will get crazy over things (house keeping, dieting, work, wishing I was crafty)and then when I realize my daughter is starting to do the exact same things I am so saddened by it. :( Not the legacy I wanted to pass on to her. Sigh....
    I do have a blog - and stop by anytime but NOT if it just adds another "something I have to do" to your list :) honestly - that little one is too too cute. What a sweetie face.
    Love the blog! :)

  18. Sorry you're feeling overwhelmed! My 10 mos old refuses to go down for her morning nap today, and would rather try to play with the pet food bowls/heating vent/electrical sockets, so yeah, I'm having one of those days. I'd love to see you around my blog, but no pressure! I understand if cleaning the house comes first. ;-)


  19. Just stopping by to say Hi!


    I have a blog, too, at http://itswhatkatiedid.com if you want to stop by. I've been reading your blog for a little while and actually included you in my five fabulous favorite bloggers the other day. You need to read that, at least! I also saw somewhere in your blog that your grandparents lived in La Porte. I'm from La Porte. Graduated in 1998 (omg, I can't believe I'm that OLD!).

    I know how you feel about writing. I seem to do really well when I'm writing a sponsored post, but when I actually have to come up with a subject on my own I always draw a blank. I think, "That's not interesting" or, "No one cares about that but me" or, "They don't want to hear my crazy story about when the car in front of me on 465 lost a tire the other day".

    I've been reading that you should post what you think without caring how someone else will feel about it. Or over thinking how it reads. Just write and post and let come what may.

    I'm excited to read what you put here for the rest of the month! I'm always looking forward to what you have to say.

  20. You should never be embarrassed that anything comes from Costco because Costco is awesome. And I know because my winter vest is from Costco.

  21. oh girl, you know where I live.
    i mean, not REALLY, but where my blog home is.

    I HAVE missed your comments over at my space, and I am not saying that to make you feel bad. It's to validate how special you are and how happy it makes me when do you stop by and say something encouraging/witty/sweet.

    clean your house, make those sandwiches, drive that van....we will all be here waiting when pop your head in and say hi, even if you haven't posted in 10 days. Speaking of, I haven't either.....gonna go get on that.


  22. I'm reading! And, for what it's worth, my house is rarely presentable unless I'm execting company. Even then, there are always several tightly closed doors.

  23. aw, mama, i feel your pain! i'm such a neat freak and feel the same craziness, so i've been trying to tell myself over the last year that sometimes i'm just going to have to let things go. i have a 1 year old, and this year has been such an adventure. filled with many midnight scrambles to get the work done! it's comforting to hear other mamas going through similar frustrations/adventures as me i found your blog via a post by sofawned, and adore it! .

    hope your week gets better from here!

  24. No one thinks you're a jerk for not stopping by our blogs. Sheesh...everyone has a freaking blog anyway. "Catching up" would take forever. So please, don't sweat it. We're all just happy that you popped in to say Hello.

    Sometimes I go weeks without posting anything of value. That's life...REAL life. And living our real lives is what really matters.


    Tatiana: www.iam-manythings.blogspot.com

  25. Hello! I love your blog and always look forward to new posts! I too go crazy over a messy house, which is most of the time:) I also have a constant smell of peanut butter left in my nose! I have a blog Http://3wittlebirds.blogspot.com

  26. Awe, yay. I look forward to your posts <3 Lots & lots!

    Love, Des.
    via http://sofawned.com

  27. Hi, lady...

    I only have one baby but I SO GET the crazy and the feeling crazy. Especially since we're moving to another state in three months. I keep looking around my house knowing I should start packing now but.... the crazy...

    I'm over here: http://www.mrandmrswright.com/ if you want to occasionally stop by. My regular postings are Mondays for Finding the Happy and Tuesday Tea.

  28. i'm totally in a cycle of feeling on top of everything: kids, house, job, projects. . then I relax for a day and it all kind of goes to hell. but I'm trying not to freak out about it, because I can't do everything. but then I do kind of freak out and the cycle starts again.
    yep, the costco organic PB is great. we've gone through half a jar this week and I only have one kid.

    i'm at katielicht.tumblr.com, but no pressure to leave a comment on my blog. I read tons but barely comment ever. love yours though.

  29. hey there!
    please do not feel too terribly bad about not returning e-mails right away, commenting on blogs, etc. i am not so sure anyone can be 'caught-up' at anytime. we all just have to keep plugging along by setting little goals for ourselves, achieving them and then moving on to the next one.
    one of my favorite things about your blog is how [lately] you have been writing about your dreams that feature your grandmother. i have been having a lot of dreams lately about those who have passed and it brings comfort to know that others do, too. especially grandparents, b/c i treasure them. thank you for being so open and honest with your writing. i appreciate that and i am sure others do, as well.
    i can't think of any questions to ask at the moment, but if i do, i'll post again! i have two blogs, but do not feel pressured to comment. one is a photo-a-day of my family's heritage photos...my way of keeping them close to my heart [and mind]. the other is just my everyday ramblings. they both link to each other.
    have a great day! :)

  30. So pleased you're going to visit "my place." I have the same feeling as when company is coming over, like I should scurry around and clean something, only instead I feel like I should write some great post for you to read. And yes, Q: What is your daily routine like with your kiddos? I like to see how other people do things, especially vibrant moms like yourself. (And no shame on the Costco coat thing.)

  31. i always look forward to reading your posts because they are so honest and from the heart. and i have a feeling i'm going to need to hear all these things as i enter into mamahood in a little over a month so i don't feel like the only one losing my mind. *gulp*

    i'm still catching up on who you are, but glad i'm getting to know you. you are fun. :)

    (i'm @laurahartgerink on twitter)

  32. Hello Erin, I love your blog a lot, and we totally have the same style lol. My blog is http://anaughtylibrarian.blogspot.com
    it's mostly things that happen in my life as an Army wife, so feel free to be bored to death reading it! :)

  33. I only have one baby and I feel behind on everything. I can't imagine having more at this point. :) although someday we will. So don't even begin to worry about not getting things done. Enjoy those kiddos. :)

  34. First, I'm new to blogging, but I happened on your blog with the Target/crooked rug story and started following. You have it harder than me, I have only two, a 10 y/old and 4 y/old daughters, but I sooo heard you on how hard it is do anything when you have an entourage, and said entourage is not always cooperating. Do hope to hear from you, but take your time, I understand.

  35. I just started following your blog last month. You are such a sweetheart, friend. Just please don't burn yourself out running all over the bloggernet, though, ok? All the same, I'm humbled and blessed by your sweet spirit. :)

    You're on my list of bloggers I'd love to meet someday, but, if that never happens, let's hang out in heaven some, ok?

    My blog's right here (no obligation, remember?): http://lindsay-alogofmylife.blogspot.com/

    With hugs and smiles,

    P.s. My middle name is Eryn. I think I want to name one of my future daughters that, but I hope it won't come across as vain or super traditional.

  36. Life gets crazy sometimes. Sorry it is that way for you right now. Take some time for yourself...it will be worth it no matter how much you think you don't have the time or means to do it. You do, and you will be glad that you did!
    Come visit me... http://homeiswhatyoumakeit.wordpress.com
    when you have the time. No rush...I'm not going anywhere!

  37. Hi Erin! I am a reader, and I too have a messy house. We are moving this weekend which means my house is a disaster, which makes me crazy insane too. Like crazy like you I think. Like I am grumpy when it is messy. I love your blog, and I mean that sincerely.

    P.S. My mom bought me a peacoat at Costco for christmas, and I love it :) Costco has awesome stuff.

  38. I have a blog too, that I regretfully neglect more than I should. If you have time and feel like looking it is:
    I cleaned house tonight too - if you call sweeping and vacuuming the downstairs "cleaning the house." Ha! I do since it is where I spend 99% of my at-home time :)

  39. Hello, Erin! Love your blog and your sweet family. It's all beautiful, through and through.

  40. I'm pretty new to your blog (found it through Emily/DesignHER Momma), but I love it. I'm a fellow Indy blogger and I'm just floored at all the wonderful writers we have in these parts. Winter is my crazy time in general - we're all too close, too sniffly, leaving trails of messes that never stay picked up for long. I neglect things in cycles, like Stephanie says, and when one gets out of control (house, blog, e-mails, quality time with family), I neglect the others to get one of them up to snuff. I'm over at www.justlikethenumber.com.

  41. Hi Erin -- I'm a first time mom with an amazing 14 month old and I'm stunned at how "whelming" (just short of overwhelming) this motherhood gig is. Your blog gives me emotional company and makes me smile. Thanks.

  42. Alice looks like a mini Luke in that picture. Hi! Here is a link to my blog:

    Oh wait. I forgot. I don't have a blog!

  43. http://www.notyouraveragejoan.blogspot.com

    i love when people stop by and say hi :) so, if you are ever sitting down before midnight and want to say hi, that would be lovely!

    also? i would be proud of a costco coat! especially if it was warm and weather appropriate!

    i get stressed when my house is messy, but cleaning ALSO stresses me out.. so... it's not a good situation, really.

  44. *waves shyly* I enjoy reading the blogs of other mommies :) You're welcome to stop by for a visit, anytime... but no comment guilt. Goodness knows I've been lurking here, anonymously enjoying your company for quite some time. Feel free to return the favor :)

  45. Oops. Forgot to leave a link.


  46. Hi hi hi! I have been reading for you a while - I think I wish to be you, or maybe I am you, but less artsy, not nearly as stunning and quite a bit more OCD - other than that... :)

    So glad you are back for a bit - I love reading you!

  47. Hi Erin. I just "discovered" you a short while ago. But now you're in my reader, so even if you only post once a month, I'll be here!

  48. blllllllloggggg? what's that? oh yeah...that little space i've been neglecting. ;)

    miss our banter, but I've been MIA myself.


    p.s. can i have a sandwich?

  49. Hi Erin. I love your blog. I think two things that distinguish your blog are 1-excellent writing and 2-honesty. I think there is going to be a blogging renaissance as we move away from perfection blogging and embrace talented writers telling their honest stories. That's just my theory.

    I'd love it if you stopped by and said hi. I'm at saltandchocolate.blogspot.com.

    Topics I'd like to see: story of that dollhouse that is in your header, more views of your home, advice on home decorating, and your thoughts about cleaning and any approach or philosophy you have about that.

  50. First, I forbid (FORBID) you from coming over to say hi. None of that.

    Second: "Not commenting on blogs/returning emails stresses me out, like I feel like a jerk and just don't write new things because I haven't even caught up on the old things."

    Yes. And this is how I know that our ENFP/Gemini selves our soul twins. I do the same thing. Exactly.

    And that is you may not (!!!) come over to say hi. I got nothin' goin' on anyway because my house is a mess and I'm crazy and I'm behind.


    (But you can post as many pictures as you want to of your lovely wood-paneled walls. I enjoy it. Because I also have, you know, the paneling.)

    (But yours is much better/nicer/cuter.)

  51. oh! how did i miss this giant part of the post about costco? it's like my most favorite place in the world. did you see the pictures on my facebook page of us sledding? did you see my big, gray, down coat that i'm crazy in love with? costco.

  52. it's always so nice to hear from you, no matter how often. i totally know what you mean - there's a lot of snack making and butt wiping and meal preparing and dish washing and laundry doing (and, and, and!) going on, huh? my hubby jokes (often) and says: WHEN IS IT ADULT TIME????!!! and then answer might be... never? lol

    but seriously. would we really have it any other way? here's what i might do this weekend though- i might sneak out to a movie all by myself, and i think you should do the same. a matinee perhaps? you, a bubbly coke, maybe splurge on bag of popcorn and best of all, a two hour block of time, all to yourself. let's do it.


  53. Hi from pureMotherhood! Love your blog and look forward to reading more this month. :) Christy

  54. Oh, and have you seen this ebook called Simple Blogging? It's AWESOME and only Eight Bucks!

  55. i love you more than my coffee cup. and i love my coffee cup a lot. like maybe more than my husband. ;)

    i don't even want to talk about a clean house, because i totally had this awesome schedule going that was 100% manageable, and then we all got sick and it all went out the window. back to work this weekend, i suppose.

    as for blog commenting? oh, i'm BAD at it. so bad. i need to do better. i tend to just wait until it's far too gone, and then i hit "all as read." but i know you get that.

  56. Ah, Erin - so understand! I'm a pretty new reader (found you through a mutual friend, Stephanie at Metropolitan Mama) and have been lurking/stalking. I'm over at www.emergingmummy.com but no pressure to pop over at all.

  57. i dislike it GREATLY when I got a messy messy house. But I hate it when I have to do it in my "free" time! So i just don't do it and my house gets messier and messier and I get crankier and crankier! i'm a bad sahm!

  58. Hi lovely Erin, we mostly talk on Twitter but I read the blog, too. I have a silly fashion blog myself. Sometimes I think our children look like they could be related. A little bit. Anyway, hello hello. I'm terrible about commenting but you caught me!

  59. erin, if you have the crazies (and january may just be the worse time of year for it), give yourself permission to just BE. i'm all for no-obligation commenting/visiting. when there is time, i love it, but i try not to sweat it.

    happy friday:)

  60. You are never allowed in my house, because I'm pretty sure it would make you super-duper CRAZY. Ahem.

    Also I do have a blog, but it's more neglected than my house. If that's possible.

  61. Erin,

    I love your blog. I don't even remember how I stumbled upon it anymore, but I'm very glad to have "met you" here in cyberspace.

    I am exactly the same way if my house is in disarray. I can't stand it. My husband tries to get me to relax by saying, "Don't worry. I don't care if it's messy" or "Don't fuss about it, nobody's coming over to see it." But what he clearly doesn't get (even though I've stated it clearly a million times) is that I CARE. I AM HERE SEEING IT!!!" I have always been particular about my things. Now that I have a husband and four kids AND their things as well, I've learned that the only way to deal with the things, is to have as little of them as possible. Pare down. Go for simple. Less is more. And it really, truly is.

    I think you'll remember that I used to blog, but, at the news of a fourth baby on the way, I had to take a break - I meant for it to be temporary, but I am not sure now that I'll ever start things back up again. I enjoyed the people it connected me to, but I realized that I was not paying as much attention to the people surrounding me as one comment from a reader led me to more and more and more to read, et cetera. It's definitely difficult to "keep up".

    Post when you can. Post when you need to. Those of us who love your blog will always pop in to see what's up - even if we are only popping in every two weeks or so ;)

    Hugs to you and your babies!


    P.S. My veri word is SANITIE. As in, may we all somehow manage to keep our "sanitie" (yes, I know it is usually with a y) as we live the lives that we do ;)

  62. Helloooo. I love to read your blog & see pictures of your totes adorbs babies. My blog (http://kathrynallyson.blogspot.com) is mostly about vegetables at the moment, but sometimes it's about vacation or my boyfriend and it used to be about me being in college. Also, my dad buys essentially all of his clothes at Costco & nobody ever calls him out for it, so I think your coat is safe!

  63. Hey Erin! I need to meet you in real life sometime! I adore Costco and love their peanut butter. There are so many awesome things there! Also, I feel like I am always cooking or cleaning up the kitchen or house. Lately, it feels like it never ends! Anyway, hope the crazy doesn't get you down!
    And, I have two blogs, well, more than two but you have many to visit! The family is over at www.morepartainfamily.blogspot.com and my meanderings are at www.Thesallycollage.wordpress.com.

  64. Hello...follower and lurker just coming out of the bushes to say hello. Great Post!;)

  65. Hey Erin! I'm also way behind on my blogs so I'm playing some catch up. You're doing great at posting! Keep up the good work. I'm a believer that the more you do it the more it becomes a routine. I'm also trying to get back into a routine. I'd love to hear about a "day in the life." It's always interesting and commical to hear what other's go through.

  66. Hello! You'll have work to do if you make it to all of these blogs! I'm at www.takeyourbabytowork.blogspot.com and your blog is a delightful and crazy read. And everyone shops at costco. Plus he embroidery was the best idea ever.

  67. I'm kinda late it getting here to say "hi" but "hi" nonetheless. I'm behind in reading your posts because I am totally with you on the business of life and little children. Anyway, I read (eventually) and I love your blog. :)

  68. Well hi there! Better late than never right? Haha.

  69. I feel the same exact way - behind on everything. Evidence? I'm just reading this post now and you wrote it on January 27th. EEK.


  70. Just so you know I'm scouring your blog and this post is ME in a nutshell.

    I'm in the house-mess-crazy right now and nothing is done and my sister just got out of the hospital where they kept her forever after botching her epidural and OH LORD why can't everyone have a waterbirth and yes, this is the most awesomely neurotic run-on sentence ever.

    I just wanted you to know that I feel you, and wish someone like you lived next door.

    Sara Sophia