sorry david ross AKA blog every day for seven days, day two AKA crap from the thrift store number one

I'll bet you thought I quit on the blog every day for seven days thing already, didn't you?  Well, I wouldn't blame you for thinking that.

But I have a story to tell!

Sometimes it seems like the thrift stores WANT me to find the stuff in them.  That sounds crazy.  Maybe God wants me to find it?  Okay, that sounds crazy too.  I just know that sometimes I get this feeling, deep inside, that I have stop off at the Goodwill or the Salvation Army, and when I get in there there is a Perfect Excellent Thing that no one else is dashing toward.  Sometimes I even see it from far away, and my heart starts beating.  The thing I came here for that I didn't know existed until ten seconds ago!  I have to make a move on it before someone else does! THAT LADY is looking TOWARD IT!  The wheels of my cart squeak louder and louder and when I get close enough and that lady is in my way, I kindly say, "excuse me" and then I grab it, tight, and inspect it.  Is it as great as it seemed at first glance? Yes.  Usually the answer is yes.  Great to me, at least.

On Sunday night, I got this weird urge to go to Goodwill. I told Luke I needed a belt, and slipped off, into the evening with the baby and no clue what I was looking for. When I got there, I poked around awhile, then wandered into this:


I knew, immediately, that I loved it. But what would I do with it? I decided that I could should buy it ($1.99!), remove the stitches with the David Ross info (sorry David Ross) and replace them with Hal's birth info.  Of course, I had never ever embroidered anything before.  Not unless you count the strawberry hoop I embroidered and gave to my grandma when I was a little girl, the strawberry hoop with the poorly stitched word "STRAWBERRY" across the top of a poorly stitched picture of a strawberry.  The strawberry hoop she hung in her kitchen and left there, like it was art, for way longer than she needed to, because she was wonderful.  That was my only experience with embroidery.  But I was sure I could do this, how hard could it be?  And besides, it was The Excellent Thing that was waiting for me at Goodwill. I had to take it home.

24 hours of time and about 8 hours of work later, I had successfully removed the stitches that had been sewn in 1953.  I felt guilty about removing them, of course, but I removed them.  And I replaced them with some very uneven, not perfect, kind of shabby stitches.  It was really hard to embroider over where the old letters had been.  I tried to use as many of the original needle holes as possible, which led to me writing things like "At homE" -- not how I would have worded it -- and you can see, for instance, how the last one used to say "Black" rather than "light".  But only if you look closely.  And I plan to look at it almost exclusively from far away. 


Sometimes I think I should do a weekly series of crap I find at the thrift store, but that would be committing to something and I bad at that.  I mean, I almost didn't post day two of my blog every day for seven days thing.  But then I did.  Maybe we will call this post my Crap from the Thrift Store post number one.  Whether or not post number two ever happens. 

I asked Luke for another word for "Crap from the Thrift Store" and he said, "No, I think that's fine.  You're just saying what it is!  Worthless crap from the thrift store that no one else wanted!"  Crap from the Thrift Store it is.


  1. We need to be best friends. I also have deeeep urges to go the thrift store and I always score big time. I felt a calling to go today and there was a loaf pan calling my name and demanding that I just start baking that damn bread I talk about baking all the time.

    So yeah. I understand the urge.

  2. Oh, and I love the idea of repurposing the cross stitch.....and then actually doing it!

    My girl was born at home August 7 :)

  3. Not to pressure you, but I'd personally loveeee recurring thrift store find posts! You always find/make/have the best things, and they always make my eyes and heart happy. Just offering a word of encouragement!

  4. Oh man. I so understand. I LOVE THRIFTING.
    Seriously seriously LOVE it.
    This is really wonderful. <3

  5. I get that "the thrift store is calling me feeling" too. It is a very strong pull. Looking forward to more crap from the thrift store posts. And good for you for redoing the thing because I would buy it and never get around to it and then fast forward ten years and my kid finds it in the attic and asks me, "Mom, who is David Ross?" Because I don't finish things.

  6. oh yes, april. yes. me too. you know why it was done in 24 hours? because i knew if i didn't JUST DO IT that i never would, or i would take out the stitches and never fill it in and then feel horrible forever about undoing that piece of history for nothing and i would stew and feel guilty and still not do it, and then redonate it so i wouldn't have to look at it and feel guilty. this is how i operate.

  7. I love this. I think it is so sweet and thoughtful. I am the same way about thrift stores, more often than not, they end up being my happy place. You definitely have some great finds. If you ever want to make this a weekly series, and have people join in with a find, I'm in. Just thought i'd put it out there :)

  8. birdie, i have had that very thought! maybe i should have a place to link up and show off your finds. maybe i'll try that out.

  9. whoa, that is definitely not crap. what a find! and I wouldn't feel too bad about redoing it, I mean, what else would happen to something like that at a thrift store? just think, you rescued it from sitting on the shelves unwanted for years!

  10. I had that "thrift store calling" feeling this week, too! An hour later, and 2 footie pajamas, 1 beautiful teapot, and 1 ancient-but-working breadmaker later, I was quite pleased with my $18 worth of "crap"!

    You did a great job with the embroidery. Even with close-up pictures. :)

  11. That is just lovely.

    But I have a question for you. I am concerned that I have an actual addiction to thrift stores, and I'm wondering if you've ever thought the same about your jaunts.

    But I'm thinking you probably haven't, b/c I've entered a stage where I am compelled to go, but often times I don't find a thing. And then I leave feeling slightly empty inside.

    And the other way this has become destructive behavior for me is that, had it been me who found the embroidered piece, I would've formulated the plan, but the framed piece would've ended up sitting in a large corner of junk in my bedroom, not to be touched until my baby was about 15.

    I think I just answered my own question. I have a problem.

    Teach me?

  12. Genius idea! The difference between you & me if *I* had bought that at the thrift store? It would have sat in my office for months, never having the stitches removed, never having the stitches replaced, until I finally gave in and put it in the "to goodwill" pile.

  13. I know exactly the rush you speak of and also you are amazing.


  14. This made me smile...okay laugh. I have the same urge when it comes to Ross except I rarely find anything for $1.99 not sure if that's a good or bad thing for me. Anyways looks like you hit gold with your new shabby chic find!!

  15. Crap from the thrift store may actually be my favorite crap EVER!!
    We have a place that does "bag sales" for $2.
    do I NEED more crap?
    Do I fill up AT LEAST one bag (more like two or three) EVERY STINKIN TIME?? Of course!!
    I think its a fabulous idea to post the "FINDS"
    LOVE IT!