target fail #2


We have three kids and a house and I stay home.  We don't have spare cash, but we have what we need and we need what we have and I am very happy with my life blah blah blah.  One of the two Christmas gifts I received was a rug from Target.  We really needed a larger sized rug in our living room for the kids to play on, and I knew the only way I could ever justify the $180 was to make it my Christmas present, half from Luke, half from his parents.  I got the tan chunky shag rug and was happy with it, but I couldn't get it straight.  I thought maybe I needed a non-slip pad and I kept straightening and straightening until I finally realized that the rug was crooked.  Crooked!  Luke measured it, and it was three inches wider on one side than it was on the other.  Great.  Blah.  So yesterday afternoon we loaded all three kids and my crooked Christmas present rug into our 1998 Explorer and took it back to Target to exchange.  It was fine and customer service was fine and it was a huge hassle but whatever.

Today, all day, I looked for my extremely beloved Angelpack.  You know, my Angelpack? I bought it when Alice was tiny and use it LIKE CRAZY.  I have carried my kids everywhere in this thing, I love it, it is part of my daily routine, it is part of our system of getting by, I need it, I always know where it is.  Except today I didn't.  I searched my tiny and fairly well organized house up and down, at one point even begging Clark to help me.  I had to get a few groceries and had no clue how to take my three kids aged four years and under to the store without it. I finally gave up and went out to the store without it and had to use the big cart.  You know?  The Big Cart?  The one the size of a bus?  I pushed my two kids (who together weigh about 80 pounds) in it while also holding the 15 pound baby in my arms and knocked off some of the store's SALE signs in the process.  (That is not a joke to be funny, I literally knocked signs down and off and also slammed into some things while the kids laughed like maniacs and I cussed in my head. We are fun!)

Around 4pm today I had a bad thought: what if the Angelpack got snagged on my purse and somehow fell out into the Target parking lot when we were exchanging the crooked messed up rug yesterday?  WHAT IF?

I called Target.

"Hi, um, I am afraid something of mine may have fallen out of my car in your parking lot yesterday."


"It's a baby carrier... uh, sling, carrier, thing.  It's brown and has buckles and has flowers on one side?"

"Oh yeah we saw that out in the parking lot yesterday, we didn't know what it was.  I'm sorry."

"Oh, so you have it?"

"No but it was still out there when we were closing up and leaving last night. I don't think anyone brought it in though.  Uh, sorry.  But, I can check."


"No, sorry, it's not out there anymore and we don't have it in here, yeah, I'm sorry."


"Oh, yeah, I'm sorry."

Then I said goodbye and yelled a very very bad word that starts with an F, tears streaming down my face.

That might sound dramatic, but seriously?  My baby carrier was a part of my everyday life for the last two years and I loved it.  The kids call it my "pocket" and it feels like an extension of myself.  I cannot afford to purchase a new one right now.  I have no idea how I am going to get Clark from preschool, walking all three kids in and out of the building,  without it.  I have no idea how to get groceries, get the baby to take a nap when he's feeling fussy, vacuum the house, or start dinner. Truly.  I don't know how to be a mom to three tiny kids without my Angelpack, my pocket, my extra arms.  I don't just use it, I rely on it.

I am mad at myself for letting it fall out of the car when I returned Target's shoddy crooked rug.  More, though, I am mad at Target for their lazy attitude towards their customers.  First I fell on my face in front of their employees without anyone saying a word to me, and now they are lazily ignoring lost items in their parking lot rather than putting them in the lost and found?  They saw it, they knew it was there, they inspected it thoroughly enough to know that they "didn't know what it was", then what?  They threw it back down on the ground, closed up the store, got in their cars and drove home?  Just like, no big deal.  We saw it out there.  We left it out there.  It looked weird and we didn't know what it was.  It obviously belonged to a customer, Target people, it obviously was someone's thing.  Someone's property.  It obviously wasn't supposed to be on the ground in your parking lot all night long.

I guess I hope that the person who has it at least knows what it is and uses it.

Then maybe I will see them out shopping with it someday and happily call them out.


iphone 076




(Sorry for the excessive number of photos. This is just how strong my feelings about the Angelpack are.)


  1. Oh Erin :( I am mourning the loss of your Angelpack, I SO know how much you love and need it. I wish I lived closer and I would let you borrow one of my carriers :( I am mad at Target too. I love shopping there, but also agree that they have a lazy attitude towards customers, to the point where I never want to return things there (like the rug) because I've had some serious return dramas.

    Your pics are beautiful too by the way :)

    And also? I, too, like to start posts with words like "So." :)

  2. You are in luck! I have a beautiful Ergo you can have if you give me your address. I do not use it anymore and it is in MINT condition. I loved it!

  3. Email Target management/customer service letting them know about this!! A lot of times they'll at least give you a store gift card for terrible service. I think you should also mention the rug fail. How lame.

    ...not that it can ever replace your Angel Pack but at least you'd be able to voice yourself and hopefully be heard.

  4. Sweetheart, I am so sorry for your frustration and your tears!

  5. I'm so sorry this happened. I would be in tears if I lost my ergo. Those things cost a lot of money. I agree, that after two very poor customer service incidents, you should complain to management. I mean really! They saw it and just decided to leave it on the ground? Would they have done that with a purse or coat?

  6. oh this is tragic!! so so so tragic!
    I was gonna offer you my ergo but saw Ashley offered hers. And mine is far from mint condition..
    I kinda hate Target for doing that to you. :(

  7. i'm so sad for you. i know what it's like to really DEPEND on a thing and then have it gone.

  8. as fellow babywearer, this make my tummy hurt. I have a spare Ergo that you are welcome to borrow, for like forever. The anglepack is cuter, but the ergo might still work. :(

  9. I am so very sorry! I think you absolutely SHOULD send an email. If nothing else, it will make you feel better, at least a little bit. (You are talking to the woman who emailed the manager of a local McDonald's after they were consistently out of salads. ALL SALADS. Every single time I went for a standing playdate. Look, I'm all about french fries, but sometimes I really do WANT the healthier choice, you know?) I really hope you take up one of your lovely readers on their offers of their baby carriers. I know it won't be quite the same but hopefully it will help you manage your days and outings! And you know, if Target really wanted to make it right, they could offer you a brand new Bjorn.

  10. I'm sorry Erin...that really sucks (not stinks...SUCKS). I saw a few people offer you their Ergo, so I don't know if this will help, but I have a spankin' new Bjorn you can have. I got two from Evie's baby shower 2 years ago and I couldn't return the second one...no receipt.

    Seriously, it's yours if you want it. You'd actually be doing me a favor.

    Tsciancalepore at gmail dot com ... let me know


  11. Oh, Erin. I am fuming over this! My brother used to work at Target, and he said there is absolutely no policy against employees bringing in things from the parking lot -- they are SUPPOSED to do it. Meaning either this Target has some weird policies, or the people who work there are apathetic morons. Considering your fall, I imagine it's the latter.

    I do hope you'll email or call them to let them know this happened. Even if there is nothing they can do for you, maybe that store's manager will get a talking to or reminder about good customer service. Your carrier was beautiful, and I know no other one could replace it.

    I know it's a long shot, but if I found something in a parking lot after hours, I would have picked it up in the hopes of finding the person who lost it. Maybe you should call the store again in a couple of days to see if someone turns it in, or check your local craigslist or where ever someone might post a found item?

  12. should I be crying because you lost your carrier, because I am. (stupid pms hormones) That stinks, I am so sorry that this happened.


  13. oh, erin... i so wish i had an angelpack to send you. i have an oldish baby bjorn and a maya-like wrap i could send you?

  14. How infuriating! Please, please get in contact with Target - and perhaps not just the store manager, go bigger. I'm not sure where you live, but maybe try the regional director? State your multiple incidents re: employees who do not give a darn about customers. So rude. I wish I had a carrier to offer you, but I am glad to see that others can lend you a hand in that regard. And the only consolation I have is that perhaps the person who found it needed it even more than you? (hugs)

  15. GAH!!!! This makes me SO angry. Especially the part about how they SAW it out there and didn't bring it in. Have people just LOST their common sense and courtesy these days? Geez, I'm so sorry hon.

    And like Laura said (comment 3) I would definitely let Target know in some way that you are upset with this. They NEED to know.

    Hugs girl.

  16. My heart is aching for you. I totally understand the attachment as I've cherished both of my baby carriers.

    Remember...With God ALL things are possible. I've had many impossibles come true when I bring it to the Lord.

    Either way, I hope you feel better real soon.


    - Nancy

  17. BOOO! So sad. I'm sorry, Erin. Maybe the store was locked up by the time they saw it, on the way to their cars?? I can't believe that if they could get back inside that they wouldn't quick run it in to lost and found. So sad. :(

    I have a wrap I could send you if you need it...not as quick and convenient as an Angelpack or Ergo, but it's pretty... Let me know.


  18. Oh, Erin! I am so so sorry. I get the extreme feelings though. I am attached like crazy to my favorite carrier. I'd be devastated if I lost it. I hope you are able to get a new one. Definitely take one of these ladies up on the Ergo offers. They aren't as pretty as the angel pack, but holy cow are they comfy!

  19. Just saw Ashley's comment-- LOVE blogger friends!!! Hope your Target experiences get better!
    P.S. They should give you a big giftcard for basically losing your carrier. I would!

  20. Oh no!! That is terrible! Did you call corporate?
    I have a carrier, if you'd like it. Just shoot me an email.

  21. That stinks. Hopefully whoever found it and picked it up really needed it and will be blessed by it. In the meantime I have a Babyhawk Mei Tai that saved me when I had my third. Unfortunately it is no longer used, but I'd be happy to send it to you.

  22. I really hate to hear stories like that! Stupid people with not a thought in their heads
    You know, while I was chatting with my sister yesterday, she told me that her niece, who is a senior in high school, and great at doing voices, did some prank calls to both Target and Walmart. While both my sister and I do not like or advocate prank calls, these were quite telling. Every singe Walmart that she called, and asked for stock checks and information, went above and beyond to help her and they were so stinkin nice about it too.
    They did the same thing with Target, and sadly they were no help, and down right mean.
    I'm a huge Target shopper, and loath Walmart, so this makes me sad that Target can't step up to the plate with the customer service.
    I think you should take up Ashley's offer of using hers, and make this story about how there are wonderful people out there that will think of others and not be so thoughtless.

  23. Target fail! Major target fail. I'm sorry hun. HUGS!


  24. This makes me feel sick. I'm so sorry. So sorry. This is not a good moment for humankind. (or Target, but mostly just for humans in general. I mean, really, lost and found is there for a reason, right?)

  25. What a bummer. I wish I had something to offer you .. but I have no children to have an angelpack or anything of that nature and I am a college student so I don't have any extra cash to offer you either .. but I saw a bunch of people with things to offer .. hopefully something works out ! :)

  26. this makes my heart hurt. i KNOW how much you loved that angelpack ... i mean, you're the sole reason i ended up with one!! and now, i'm so in love with it, i cannot imagine shopping without it. i SO get your attachment. and i know that THAT particular one was so hard to find, too. (okay, that didn't help at all)

    i actually packaged mine up to send to you, but i just can't part with it, because i use it almost every day. i SO wish i had either another carrier that worked as well as that one or money to buy you another one.

    i'm mad. mad as hell. i cannot believe that they SAW it and didn't even bother taking it inside and putting it under a counter or in lost and found. who cares if they didn't know what it was!?!? it's not like it was a scrap of paper or a plastic bag. it was a beautiful piece of fabric with straps and buckles. OBVIOUSLY, it was something that someone used!!

    i would definitely email the corporate office and explain the situation. point them to this blog post so they can see how many people are reading and commenting about it.

    i'm so so sorry, erin.

  27. This was a very sad post. I'm sad for the memories lost. Your angelpack pictures are inspiring - so much so that I have actually considered having more children just so I can be as cool as you :)

    I hope this story gets brighter for you!

  28. so sorry erin. i want you to know i wrote angelpack and told them your story. praying, hoping maybe something will come out of it. ;)


  29. That is so sad! Boo. :(
    What a beauty your Anglepack was. I use the same style carrier, and I don't know what I would do without it, either.
    That top picture of you & babe in the carrier is gorgeous-o!!

  30. Aw, Erin. You have every right to feel everything you are feeling. I'm angry for you! And sad. It was beautiful.

    I agree that you need to let Target corporate know how shoddy their rugs and their attitudes are. I love Target, but they deserve to go in a big time out over this.

    And you know what else? I bet you shop at this Target all the time, and that they've seen you wear your Angelpack during almost every trip for the past two years. The Target employees should have recognized it, I would think? The print is very unique. The idea that they could have known it was yours and did nothing is purely infuriating. Of course, I am speculating...

    I hope you find a good solution, a replacement, and most importantly you receive an apology.

  31. This sucks so much. I agree with everyone else that you should "take this up the chain"... contact the store manager to tell them about this, and if you don't get a good reaction from him/her, I'd contact a regional or corporate office

    I also agree that you should check your local newspapers and Craigslist... and maybe even list a "Lost" item. You never know, someone might come through!! My fingers will be crossed for you.

  32. okay, you all are AWESOME. i cannot believe how many of you are offering carriers! oh my word. i will be emailing shortly! and i have to say that i know it was just a lot of people thinking it wasn't their job to deal with it, or something. i called today to see if anyone turned it in and when i told the lady who answered what happened she was totally rude. the lady yesterday at least sounded like she felt bad and said she was sorry a lot (she had SEEN it with her own eyes, after all) but this lady was just mean. i think i will contact a larger division of target, not to get something out of it, just because they need to be trained better than that, you know? thank you thank you thank you all...

  33. Hi Erin! This is Nelly from AngelPack, a couple of mamas email me about your post, I've been trying to finish reading all afternoon, but I have a new baby (2 days old) who woldn't let me finish reading.
    I totally relate to your feeling, today I got to help my dh around the house thanks to our AngelPack.

    Anyways, I'll like to offer you a new free AngelPack if you will please email me and we can agree on a print.

    In exchange would you and your friends add us to your facebook like pages? this is our link http://www.facebook.com/pages/Angel-Pack-Baby-Carriers/123942960987650?ref=sgm
    I would love to hear your comments too. :)
    Many Blessings,

  34. oh my gosh this totally totally sucks!!! i sucks so so bad to be left without something you've loved for so long! F target, wht is WRONG with them??!! i agree with everyone here you should contct upper management and do let us know what happens! in the meantime, take one or two of these offers for baby carriers!

  35. I agree this is frustrating, and I know I am very attached to one particular sling, but rather than assume these people are "apathetic morons" as one person commented, let's all take a breath and consider the fact that maybe these workers had long, frustrating days at work, were treated disrespectfully by customers, had to stay late at the end of the day, and were stressed over getting home late for dinner with family/studying/second jobs, etc. We are all human. Let's be kinder and more patient with each other.

  36. dana, if you knew me you would know that i am the kind of person who always thinks the best of people and i don't point fingers. i am, however, very frustrated with target's policies and training. and the customer service lady tonight was actually mean to me when i was explaining what happened and asking her to double check. like i was insulting her. i just don't think target trains their employees to be particularly respectful towards their customers. that's all. and i am the biggest target shopper on the planet, i have seen this attitude of "my job is to take care of the stuff in the store, not to be helpful/polite to you" over and over. it's just part of the environment and i think it should change.

  37. Hi Erin and Nelly,
    I was checking email today and found several requests too, lol. I have this carrier in the same print stashed under the seat in my car. I can let go of it, your choice, new one or old favorite :) And yes, please "like" us on facebook! http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Angel-Pack-Baby-Carriers/123942960987650

  38. Nelly! My heart is so happy, I am emailing you now!

  39. I was so sad for you. Then I read that the angelpack lady emailed you and I actually cried. That is so generous of them. I hope that you make many memories in your new angelpack.

  40. Nelly from Angelpack? is AWESOME!!!

    oh Erin, SO happy for you!! and i most definitely "liked" Angelpack on FB and will be sharing this story with all of my babywearing friends :)

  41. What a wonderful gesture!

    Now that's sincere customer service.

    Way to go Angel Pack!

  42. I just saw this on FB and had to come by and see that they offered you a new Angel Pack. That is SO awesome! Good to know there are wonderful, caring people out there!

  43. I am so sad for you but I see some good comments with happy news? If you ever find yourself in need of a carrier you know I'll be happy to help out.


  44. Erin - I am so glad you'll be getting a replacement! It's always nice to hear of kindness in the world.

    Dana - I'm the one who made the apathetic morons remark. While I'll admit calling them morons is unfair, I stand by apathetic. If you watch a woman with a baby strapped to her chest fall down in your store, and no one acknowledges her or tries to help in any way? Something isn't being done to manage that store properly, you know?

  45. well i am just tickled. and pleased as punch and all that jazz.

    i read erin's post this morning and my heart just fell to the floor. erin is a beautiful mama, who is real and funny and so smart and sweet and so inspirational and darnit if she doesn't need her angel pack to help her carry baby hal and wrangle miss alice and mister clark throughout the day! it's not easy managing three kiddos! and i can say this because i have only two!! and erin doesn't make look it easy, but she makes it look real. she makes it look good and happy and full of love. and i so love her for that.

    all this babbling to say: i read that post this morning, and i immediately HIGH TAILED it over to the peeps at angel pack. and wrote them a little message with a little link to this post.

    and i could not be more pleased that they are coming through with a replacement for someone who deserves it so much.

    thank you peeps at angel pack!

  46. Wow. This is not only an incredible story of how important "the little things" are when dealing with customers, but an AMAZING example of the power of the internet. Big corporations often think they're above having to worry about "one lost customer" and yet when they neglect to emphasize the importance of relationships and caring as a big part of employee training, they are the ones losing out.

    On the other hand, this shows how many opportunities are out there for smaller companies to step up and show their sweet, kind selves. I know that I will now have a special place in my heart for Angel Pack. Knowing that people like Nelly care enough to reach out to those who use their product also shows how much care they put in to what they make--and causes even the frugalistas (like me) to feel totally okay spending "a little bit more" on their products because of that!

    All that to say--boo to Target, yay to Angelpack and YAY ERIN for a happy ending to a sad story.

    And hopefully, the person who DID pick up your old Angelpack is someone who will find as much joy in it as you did. :)

  47. Oh Erin... so sorry for your old carrier, but yay for the new one :)

  48. I am SO happy to hear that this story has a happy ending! AngelPack, you brought some major tears to my eyes. What an AWESOME company!!! Erin enjoy your new carrier :) xoxo

  49. I've just read your post and I rushed to the comments to ask you if you've got a PayPal account so we readers could donate towards a new Angelpack. Well I'm glad to see that I'm too late for that! It's really touching to know that there're still selfless and caring people like Nelly from Angelpack in this world. Well done, Nelly, well done mamas who emailed her. Yay Erin!!

  50. Oh, you poor thing! I can 100% feel your anger, sadness, and loss through this page. This is my first visit to your blog - glad I stumbled upon it. You are cute and witty. I'll be back... ;0)

  51. Now that is customer service! I kept thinking about your story, and was about to copy and send it to Angel pack, but I see other moms beat me to the punch, hooray for them!!!
    Yay Angel Pack. When my daughters start having their babies, I will buy them one of these!!

  52. I have tears in my eyes. I'm so glad things worked out for you this way, and I am so impressed by Angelpack. I've never heard of them until today but I definitely headed straight over to facebook to become a fan. I use a Moby wrap with my 5 month old but will have to look into getting an Angelpack in the future. Thanks for sharing, and I'm sorry this had to happen in the first place. I'm thanking God for kind people right now.

  53. OMG i read though the rest of the comments just now .. how neat ?! i didnt even think about emailing angelpack .. but good idea for those of you who did ! i am just overwhelmed with this story .. i just made my bf listen to the whole thing and even he was surprised ! i am so happy that you are getting a new angelpack and can go grocery shopping in .. peace :) (as peaceful as it can be with 3 little ones !) congrats again ! this is why i love the blogging world .. everyone came together for you :)

  54. Erin- I'm so happy that all of this worked out and AngelPack sounds like an amazing company that deserves more business from mamas like us. Sometimes we are in the "when it rains it pours" parts of life and I hope that you are seeing the sun break through, at least for today. Its so inspiring to read all the commenters who are willing to mail you carriers- I was planning on doing the same until I read through- so at least if something good came out of the Target Employee's Epic Fail... let it be that you have a wonderful group of women supporting you- and we all need that!

  55. Oh girl I can't believe this story!! My heart just aches.. it's not even just the carrier itself but its the memories the darn thing possess' and obviosuly the carrier itself seeing as you have three babys to tote around

    I have an extra carrier.. Id glad hand it to you mama just let me know

  56. so i wanted to buy you an angelpack as a belated christmas present, but by the time i got back to comment and let you know, nelly had come in to save the day!! if you want another carrier, just so you have a back-up, please let me know! i have an ergo you can have, or a sakura bloom sling, or a mei tai that's handmade from a girl in portland. any one of them is yours, if you want it.

    aren't good people the best? i love seeing beautiful hearts in action.

  57. Oh, Erin!!! I am so, so sorry :( Unless the Target stands alone in its own shopping area, find out who the shopping center's security is and see if they picked it up on their nightly drive through the parking lot areas. It's a shot in the dark, but you may just get it back!!!

  58. So sorry. That stinks. (I never really did like Target all that much anyway).

    P.S. Have I mentioned that you are beautiful? You are.


  59. Hi Erin! I just wanted to let you know, just in case any mama out there wants to participate. We are running a 500 fan giveaway :) http://angelpackblog.blogspot.com/2011/07/angelpack-giveaway-rules.html