Erin is cool and I love her

Here are a few of the many reasons why:

10.)  While watching the Super Bowl this commercial reminded me of us.

9.)  She's not political... which is refreshing.

8.)  She saved us about $5000 by giving birth at home.  Clutch. 

7.)  She likes great food and having a great time. 

6.)  Redheads are statistically quite rare.

5.)  We like the same weird crap.  

4.)  Watching her try to make a decision is always fun.  

3.)  There’s no need to guess what she’ll be rocking at the beach this summer.

2.)  She is so cool she won’t even mind that I also used this song in my Marvin Harrison tribute.    

1.)   She is the Peyton Manning of parenting.  

Happy Valentine's Day, Erin!  

Love your husband, Luke.

Erin's notes: I DON'T LIKE APPLEBEE'S!  This is how he jokes, people!  And number three, what even is that?  Star Wars. . . swimwear??? And be sure to watch the whole skit linked to number four because Portlandia is my new favorite show and I had to watch the whole thing twice before hitting publish just because I couldn't help myself.  And I refuse to even jokingly call the Peter Pan ride "weird" -- that shit is magical.  Happy Valentine's Day Luke.  You are funny.


  1. this?

    cutest thing ever.

    and luke, you totally made me love erin even more. she IS cool.

  2. That was SUPER sweet! Happy Valentine's day Erin <3

  3. I am also completely in love with Portlandia. And the city itself, actually. This post is so sweet, romantic in my kind of way. Happy Valentine's Day!

  4. I was at that Colts game! Good bloggin, Luke.

  5. I knew I loved Erin, but now I totally love you too!

    I don't know that I could love this anymore than I do.

  6. That was so sweet! (and funny). I'm afraid if my boyfriend ever sees those Star Wars bathing suits he might make me wear one, or worse find the male alternative. ughh.

  7. They make you get on the Peter Pan ride WHILE IT IS MOVING! That is one dangerous ride!

  8. Also? Does Luke imply you will throw yourself on the ground preemptively? Does this mean you'll have a kicking fit before the kids will? I think Luke is a little bit of a nut! And also a lucky man.

    And that camera you want? You totally saved way more than that on your home birth! You earned it!

  9. Y'all are too cute. Hope you love birds had a good Valentine's Day! :)

  10. this is the coolest sweetest most amazing post ever. i want to "like" and "fave" and "bookmark" this all day long. <3

    i promise to click on all the links during naptime. but i couldn't wait that long to post something after reading this.

  11. My favorite V-Day post! SO SO SO fantastic and funny!

  12. I read this earlier on my phone (which I can't comment from) and when I got to the very bottom I almost dropped it. I totally didn't know that you ever swore and seeing "shit" there just blew me away. I'm not sure why! And it kind of made me like you even more. :)

  13. This definitely ranks as the cutest post ever. :)

  14. Sounds exactly my hubs humour - very funny :)
    Can't even imagine having to pay to give birth (Canadian Here)

  15. this is one of the best things i've ever seen. i love love.

  16. Funny stuff, you two kids ROCK!

  17. You two kids ROCK! May everyday be your Valentines Day!

  18. I wondered about the swimsuit. ;)

    But now I'm curious - what kind of swimsuit do you own?