When I look at people, I see right through them.

People.  Oh people.  People are everything.   People put on a show.  People say the wrong things with good intentions and the right things with no feeling.  People care.  People want to be the best version of their own self, but maybe have forgotten how or maybe the person who was shining that light on them went off to sea or maybe it's just too much work.

People have joy that can visibly radiate.  People suffer.  People don't like to talk about it.

People create and destroy and copy.  Oh, do people copy.  People are afraid and muddied up and try on lots of hats, hiding from their own beautiful bones.  Bones and baggage.  Baggage that is maybe more like a apron lined with tiny pockets, mistakes and heartbreak tucked neatly into them.  Other people can't see it, but it's there. And it changes everything.  It is what makes people people.

You are people.

I am people too.

And I don't envy any of us and I'm so glad we are all here.

photo via blauwe ballon

This isn't at all what I sat down to write about.  I wonder why my fingers typed it.


  1. "And I don't envy any of us and I'm so glad we are all here." ~so perfectly put.

  2. That picture really scares me.

    mmmm...the apron image...good one. mine is often not so neatly tucked in, but bursting at the seams, falling out of a poorly hemmed pocket, etc which i suppose is why we can all be seen through.

    It reminds me of "Tout le Monde" by Carla Bruni (umm...yes, she is France's first lady/ex-supermodel, but i love her music though most French people think it's a joke, i think)

    "Tout le monde a de l'enfance qui ronronne,
    Au fond d'une poche oubliée,"
    Translator says:
    "Everybody has some humming childhood,
    At the bottom of a forgotten pocket,"

    Except in my poor french, i until this moment I always thought it said that everyone has a childhood purring at the bottom of a forgotten pocket. yes, aprons and pockets and purring childhoods awaiting our discovery.

  3. That's kind of spooky.

    I used to see right thru people, too, and have found lately my people-reader is way off... I've been surprised- which sometimes is cool- but other times really knocks me on my you know what. So strange how it is, and how I wish more people would just show mercy to each other, because we are all hurting and just trying to get through this day.


  4. Agreed. Very very well said. :)

  5. erin.
    i'm stealing this post.

    or, rather your words inspired me to think, and to write myself. Most likely it will be so close to your own words that I will have to link your page so you can get credit.
    I don't think getting sued for Blogging infringement was on my 2011 Resolutions.


    i heart you! xx

  6. This is really beautiful. So often, I forget to look through people. I take what they present on the surface and think it's all true. (Mostly because I try to live this way, to be transparent, and I'm also honest to a fault.)

    (P.S. We are very close to buying a house, and I so wish I could fly you over and have you decorate my house. Because I love your style!)

  7. Hmm, I'm not exactly sure what to say. Maybe that's a good thing. You got me thinking...

  8. Sometimes I love that I can see through people, but lately it's felt like a big burden. And then I wonder if really I don't see through them at all, but it's just me who's transparent.

  9. i realized i just 'copied' (i.e. randomly wrote also) the same thing another commenter did. sigh. people :-)

  10. now this can make you think for hours..

  11. So true. Regardless what they/we "put on" it all comes down to people are people. Great post!

  12. probably because it needed to be said.

    Haven't read much in a while but I did catch up and I love the dress you made. Seriously. Lots.

    p.s. I will be in Indy for a super secret mission April Fools weekend & staying with Casey. You know, so you know.