my stripes

So after I posted the thing about how I was totally gonna blog a lot more!!! but before my last post about how I love old junk, my baby got sick. Sick sick sick. RSV and an insane ear infection that would not clear for weeks on end and then, because I wasn't struggling enough, my back went out. March felt like the longest month of my life because I think it technically was.  When you only sleep three non-consecutive hours each night, it's like adding 3-5 hours to each day.  Add those hours up for a month and hoo-boy.  March was like, an extra week long. I was awake for an entire extra week! I am tempted to go all Steve Martin in The Jerk on you here and also attempt to describe how long the month actually FELT, but I will spare you the calculations. 


Hal has never been a great sleeper.  Even back to his old self, he wakes up a few times at night.  Compared to my other two (as babies) he is a lot more high needs. He is just such a different little guy. Have I mentioned here how active he is?  He rolled in both directions at two months.  He started dragging himself around at 6 months, and a few days after he turned 7 months he started crawling, full-speed ahead, around the house.  He is now 7 months + three weeks and DOING THIS:


Clark and Alice both walked at 14 months.  I do not suppose Hal will be following that trend?

Even though he is my third child, he is a brand new entirely different kind of little person in my life.  It's funny, now that I have three children, to witness first hand how much of personality, sleeping, eating, motor skills, and so forth, are just encoded in DNA.  I have more or less parented each of my babies in the same way, but they are all very different people.  Hal is a not-very-sleepy, active, sweet, tiny kind of person.  He isn't chubby and he isn't cuddly.  He is smiley and very ticklish and he thinks Clark is the funniest person on Earth.  He has brown eyes.  His hair is still a mystery. I can't wait to find out more. 


All of these photos were taken from my instagram account.
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  1. I have loved your baby since he was born. There is something about him, I honestly could gobble him up. Oh, Baby Hal. I love you and I don't even know you. <3

    Also -- my 3rd kid started walking at 8 months. No joke. Watch out... ;)


  2. I am looking at that baby and I can't even believe he's little baby Hal. Where did the last 7 months go? Watching my kids' personalities emerge and marveling at how different they are is one of my favorite parts of being a mom. Sorry that this particular one is costing you so much sleep. Praying that gets better soon. Maybe if he starts walking/running/flying he'll burn off more energy during the day? A mom can always dream.

  3. Hey Erin!
    Just wanted to let you know that I have been having so much fun seeing your instagram pictures the past few weeks, and I hope you've enjoyed seeing mine. It's really great to see a baby almost exactly the same age as Janie growing up in pictures! I never write on my blog (not since Janie was born and I started a new job... all at the same time) but if you ever want to email me to talk about 7 month olds - feel free! khstubbe@gmail.com

  4. Sometime before Sophia got so sick I was toting her in a carrier, chasing Levi, and getting groceries. A woman smiled at me and said "Mamas rock!". I'm inclined to agree.

    And, holy cow! I'm stunned by that fella of yours. What a mess! It's just incredible how different they are. Makes me wanna keep having babies just to see what comes out.

  5. A little oxygen tank? That is so sad and scary looking. Hope those ear infections are gone for good, too.

    Wes is a little active not cuddly not so sleepy baby, too. But they are extra cute as such tiny, capable little guys, aren't they?

    Sending health and warmth and sunshine your way (not that we have much warmth here lately, I am sending it from my mind).

  6. Oh no! RSV is the pits. Hope your little guy (and you, with hopefully a lot more sleep in the past couple weeks) are feeling better.

  7. the letters R S V will forever be an instant red alarm alert badbadbad to me. i'm so sorry Hal had this, and glad to hear it didn't get 'serious', although i'm sure it felt serious enough via lack of sleep and breathing treatments.

  8. Holy Moly! 7 months and nearly walking...he's amazingly active! Glad to see you blogging again.

  9. So sorry that March was such a booger of a month for you!
    My little girl did not sleep well until about 16 months old...it was so hard after having a baby who slept thru the night (8+ hours) from the time he was 10 weeks old!
    They are all different!
    Hope April is a better month for you!

    btw, I am following you on instagram. I am also addicted!

  10. Oh, I had no idea you all were going through all of that. I'm so sorry- for you and for Hal. How sad! Is he all better now? I'm so happy for you that it's April! :) (By the way, have I told you how much I love your kids names?)

    It's so true that all babies are SO different. Like you, I've parented mine all more or less the same and they each have their own little personalities. My almost-three year old is mellow, all mommy, super cuddly, he walked at 16 months, and has just started talking more in the past 6 months. Finley, my 15 months old, walked at 10 months and is just about to pass her brother by verbally. She's active and into everything. Its so fun to watch them develop their own little personalities!

  11. Oh, Hal. If only Teddy and Hal could hang out and be buddies. He's one cool baby.

    It's amazing to witness how kids in the same family, eating the same foods, reading the same books, smelling the same smells, going to the same church, having the same parents, can be so crazily, wildly different.

    I'm an Instagram addict, too. The ONE reason I want to keep my iPhone (which drives me crazy because the battery is AWFUL) is because of Instagram. That's a testament to the power of that app.

    I'm hoping April has brought more health and happiness your way. And I predict Hal will be running by June. :)

  12. I'm so sorry that sweet baby Hal was so sick. YUCK!

    And yes, it's SO amazing how different our kids personalities can be... pretty cool actually.

  13. That picture of the oxygen masked baby is the most pathetic, you just want to love and hug and make it better picture. Hope all is well now!

  14. Oh poor mama - my march was the same ( but only 1 babes)

    Hope the sickness has cleared!

    And little Hal sounds exactly like my Liv - girl did everything the same and was walking by 8 months - hectic!!! Hope my next baby is a 14 mother haha :)

  15. i love hal. he's such a sweet little man. and he sounds exactly like my henry. henry was not cuddly, not a sleeper, and was walking at ten months. ezra is cuddly, sleeps like a rock, and probably won't be walking at ten months. it's amazing how different siblings can be.

  16. Like I always say (like a CD on repeat), you are GORGEOUS. And - you look good in stripes. And - I just noticed that you have perfect teeth.

    P.S. I'm glad that Hal is feeling better now! He sounds like a very interesting person.