c'est la vie c'est la mort (or the other way around)

things you can put in a glass jar:
jelly beans.
iced coffee.
cookie fortunes.
bottle rockets.
eraser collections.
cream soda.
stripey straws.
flowers from your boyfriend
or your wedding
or your grandma's funeral.

things you cannot put in a glass jar:
that extra sleep you got before you had kids.
the two year old's baby words.
prior knowledge.
the feeling of being in the same room with your boyfriend,
or your husband,
or your grandma.
(but i wish you could.)

i meant to somehow make this about how today is the fourth of july but i just started typing and that didn't come out at all.

tomorrow morning at 6:30am the baby and i will arrive at the surgery center to get the tubes put in his ears.  i know it will be fine but i also know i will be tired and nervous to see him wear his little baby hospital gown and go under general anesthesia. prayers for calm would be appreciated.  Xs and Os.

ps. i don't speak french but i do like this song.


  1. Even though you know in your head that he'll be fine, it's still so scary. I had the same experience when Elliott had his teeth done. The moment I lost it was when I had to watch him walk away in his little hospital gown. But everything was more than okay and we've fully recovered!
    I'll be thinking of you tomorrow. <3

  2. Sending you peaceful-calm-healthy vibes in midst of the moment. So glad to see you writing here again. You're one of the first blogs I always scroll down to to check for new stuff. :)

  3. I like things in jars. I think they're so pretty. It would be nice if those other things could turn themselves into tangible things that we could store and keep forever. <3

    Good luck tomorrow!

  4. Oh, goodness. Praying for you and Hal. I'll be thinking about y'all lots tomorrow. And, somehow I think jars might be on my mind as well. After all, I rather like them and what they hold...and what they don't.

  5. All the prayers and best wishes in the world! I'm sure your little one will come through just fine.

  6. erin, i love this. definitely lifting up your boy-babe.

    we like buttons in glass jars, around here, and it's how we drink our water, too.

  7. sending lots of peace and calm thoughts. and when i'm in those same shoes in the very possibly near future, you can do the same for me.
    by the way?
    screw the 4th of july ... i LOVE this post so much more. (especially since i've been contemplating replacing glasses with jars.)

  8. Good luck at the hospital! Hope this helps Hal stay feeling better.
    Addt'l things from our house currently in glass jars: lentils, oats, highlighters (Wes plays 'put it in the jar'), a toothbrush.

  9. Erin, I just wanted to delurk to send you good wishes for tomorrow morning.

    It's really tough to hand your baby over even though you know it's in his best interests.

    Hang in there and by this time tomorrow you'll be feeling so much better.

  10. Prayers going up for you both today.

  11. x's and o's and many of them are being sent.


  12. This is beautiful, Erin. Please can we hang out again?

  13. Thinking of little Hall to Erin, Happy 4th too, <3

  14. Love and prayers and thinking about you guys.

  15. Hugs to you. My little one had to be put under for dental work a few months ago. I knew she would be okay, but it was very hard to watch her go thru that.

  16. Oh goodness, I hope the procedure went easily. Thinking of you and your little one.

    Wish we could bottle those toddler words for sure!!


  17. beautiful words, sweet lady.

  18. I'm browsing through your 'drama police' label looking for that post where you said your hubby sings it to the tune of karma police (I laugh out loud every time I think of that), and I came upon this post which I remember loving, and I have to tell you how incredible it is. This is such incredible writing. I love getting this glimpse into your brain and the way you look at life.

    love you, friend.