big and little

sometimes the flashing cursor isn't my friend.  i did not intend to fall off the face of the earth for so many days, i just did it and then looked up from where i was and saw this blog way way up ahead in the distance, so tiny i could barely see it. 

life stays the same and the same and the same so often.  days and days of routine.  but the last couple of weeks have not been routine.  big and little things have changed.  so i just kept my computer under my bed while i thought about things and went to the beach and had a sad heart and had a happy heart.  

i have had lots of people asking for another out of the bin and i will post one on friday. i will.  i already took my in-the-bin photos. 

so tell me, what did i miss when my computer was closed and under my bed?  and who is on google+?  and who wants an invite? i think i kind of like it there.


  1. That was easy and nice, my fellow google+ enbassador.

  2. I know how you feel, Erin. Welcome back. How is Google+? I didn't think I needed an invite when everyone I knew was handing them out. Am I missing out?

  3. Erin, you could write a one word post "Hello!" and I would love it, haha!

  4. I'm pretty sure you didn't miss anything out here on the internet while you were away. Hope it was good for your soul to be away for a little while.

    I'm on Google+, but I must be following the wrong people, because I don't see many updates there. I was thisclose to deleting my account...

  5. Thank you for the google+ invite. Now you're my only friend. Typical.

    What'd you miss on the internet? Well, first of all, this:
    http://www.mcsweeneys.net/articles/i-regret-to-inform-you-that-my-wedding-to-captain-von-trapp-has-been-canceled (Must read if you love The Sound of Music)

    I ignore my blog all the time.If it's not flowing, it's not flowing. I'm not a fan of the forced writing club.

    The intertubes are nowhere near as swonderful when you aren't around, so you didn't miss all that much. I'm trying to win a bed. Is that weird? I don't care if it is, I really want to win that bed.

  6. i missed ya. i need to email you. here. anytime. xo

  7. Hi lady. Hope you had some good beachy fun. I wonder if Google+ will take off...I did Google Wave for a while, but it fizzled at least in my world--will this, too? I dunno, but I "circled" you. Life continues on, governments behave even more badly than before, and little boys start saying bye-bye. Miss you.

  8. Can you tell me all about Google+? I have an account, but I'm so confused. ;)