I figured out my baby.

After all of his screams and finger-points and moods changing on a dime.  After coming to terms with his refusing to sleep and his baby-language tantrums and his koala-ing my leg and early walking and wanting to eat hamburgers instead of purees and his obsession with Legos and lightsabers, it hit me.


He looks at Clark and Alice and projects their image onto himself.  He thinks he is four years old.  He is one year old. 

Now, who is going to tell him?



  1. it must be third child syndrome, because Maisy is the same.

  2. I think you just figured it out for me too! No wonder my little boy blue is so pissed when he isn't allowed to do something. A. Ha. It's making sense now.

  3. Not you I hope hehe.
    Too sweet and 100% true :)

  4. i love that picture. clark and alice have so much fun he can't resist pretending he's one of the big kid gang. So precious.

  5. Ha ha! I got one of those over here too. She's almost 2 going on 10! ;-)

    p.s. he's SO CUTE!!!

  6. oh YEAH. wow.

    do you have a baby friend he can hang with?

  7. Yep! I went through this with Ivy & Gray. It can get hard when he is 5, too, because they are "big" kids but also I think it's neat for the younger siblings to have the older influence!


  8. Yes! That's it! You have described my kids too. You're so smart. (And your baby is sooo cute!)

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