My hierarchy of needs is all messed up.  There are too many levels to get to the top.  Layers and layers and many staircases.  No elevators.

This morning I was thinking that it would be kind of nice if I could share my brain with someone else so they could do all of the work of turning my productive thoughts and ideas into... something.  Plus then I'd have someone to talk to while I sweep the floor.  Any volunteers?  You'd have to be pretty Type A to get it all organized and probably also a scientist, to figure out how to get in.

This blog is kind of like a way in.  Not like a door, but a window.  A window that is way way way up high, so you can see in a little bit if you are standing back far enough.

Can you see me in here?  I am waving.

And this jumbed nonsense is what comes out when I Just Write.

Edited to add:  I meant literally share my brain.  Like a second personality or friend actually climbing in my head.  Not just talktalktalk, like, thinkthinkthink and they just KNOW.  It wasn't realistic.  Just a thought I had that bounced around on the walls of my mind with no one to know it existed until I wrote it down.


  1. I wish you lived near me! I love to do that sort of planning. :) I also have a head full of ideas..maybe we could help each other!
    But even if we couldn't, I'd love just to have someone to chat with while I sweep the floor too.

  2. Hey, I'll listen--I'm super type a and for some odd reason, a problem solver. I think we all need that someone. We have thoughts that roll around in our brains all day and sometimes it helps to get them out and have feedback. I can totally see blogging being good for that. Hugs!

  3. Waving back! :) Loved how you described your thought process...and even though you thought it jumbled it made sense to me. Hmmmm...maybe like understand like! lol
    Stopped by from Just Write

  4. My mind is like a filing cabinet. A very messy, unorganized filing cabinet!

  5. i'm good at organizing things. but i think it is mostly to do with dishes and canned goods and closets. my brain sometimes floats and won't stay where it is supposed to be. so i don't think i'm much help.

  6. I have all these amazing ideas myself... craft projects - recipes - wonderful ways to decorate my home... but they are all jumbled around in my mind... coming and going... though rarely staying.

  7. i want my brain to myself, but i'd take a sister wife to organize my messy world. i don't have a type A bone in my body;)

  8. I can totally relate. Except I wish there were two or three of me so I can tackle everything I label a "priority" with my full attention.

  9. I keep trying to climb up the staircase of my heirarchy and stumbling and tripping back down, sometimes unsure of the way back up. I'm inspired by the ideas that keep trickling down and trying to remind me to INTEGRATE and STRUCTURE higher levels into my life.

    It seems our human condition is such that nobody can be in our brain, but we try let others peek in, share, and at least DO and THINK things with us...sometimes that feels like an inspiring idea and sometimes it feels so lonely to me.