So I made a new blog header.  I don't know if I'll leave it up. It feels a little too cheerful or something.  And I miss the chalkboard.  I'll try to do a new chalkboard soon but who am I kidding?  Nothing I think I am going to do ever gets done until eight months later when everything perfectly plays out and the light is right and somehow someway the right photo gets taken or whatever.  Anyway, I just had to change the header away from what was there or I was never going to post anything again.  I am ruled by how things FEEL and the old one just felt... done.  And it made me feel done.  Maybe I do just feel done?  I don't know. I think I blog less because I post so much on Instagram.  It isn't the same as blogging at all, but it does satisfy my desire to put things out there.




These are all from today.  Today!   I wonder what I'll post tomorrow.

Are you on Instagram?  Do I follow you?  I should.  Say something to me there and I will.


  1. i like! i like all the new buttons too ;)

    i know what you mean about that instagram!!! i feel like it's why i never post on flickr anymore either- and there was a day when i was on flickr DAILY. i kind of miss those flickr days. instagram is a little cracky. i love it, but it's a little cracky.

  2. I am not on instagram because I don't have a smart phone...it's a dumb one ;)

    I like your new look, it is very whimsical and happy. Maybe that is not how you are feeling right now, but when I think of you, this is what I think of.
    Does that make any sense at all?

  3. It's very cute! And your buttons are ADORABLE!

    I will be on instagram as soon as I get an iPhone... in like February or something! And then? I know I will be hooked!

  4. Love it! The new buttons are adorable. I need to freshen mine up too. Every time I look at it it feels stale.

  5. I love all the new buttons! You should do a header with all your retro toys/dolls lined up...that would be so cute and totally say "Erin" :-)

  6. i wish i had an iphone.
    i've been blogging less as well. instagram would do the trick.
    le sigh.
    as soon as they make instagram for android...i'm in.
    and i'll admit, i rarely notice the headers on blogs. i read everything through google reader.

  7. I love your instagrams! And I saw Stuart Weitzman sparkly boots just like those at Marshalls, then similar ones at Target and almost snagged them for Ivy, but my better judgment got to me. SO many things I see that I almost got for her I'll see on Alice! That makes me smile. Because then I kind of know why it wasn't meant for Ivy.


  8. i like too! everything. i need to figure out how to make my blog look all fancy too! :) sending you love, sweet mama. xoxo

  9. Your pictures are so cool and retro and inspiring.

    Also - What grocery store do you shop at and do you like it?