Tea for Alice

You all know I don't do PR stuff, like, ever. But when Tea Collection contacted me and asked if I'd do a little review, I couldn't resist.  I love their stuff, I do I do.

I picked out the 5-piece Ancho Androna set for Alice, mostly because I wanted the dresses and it seemed like a good deal.  The fact that it came with leggings didn't even make an impression on me.  But you know what?  The leggings are totally Alice's favorite now.  I never would think to buy nicer leggings like these because they sell them at the big red chain store and we have a whole drawer full.  But now that I have tried them I will definitely consider them for future seasons.  They are softer and the waist is more comfortable.  They are first pick from the drawer, now, every time.


My favorite piece is the Ancho Chile Stripe dress. It's hard to get Alice to wear things that aren't pink but she likes the way the skirt looks on this and I have convinced her that it is a twirly party dress. Love love love.  She wore it for her first day of preschool AND for her first ever school picture.


They have girl's clothingboy's clothing and even grown-up stuff.  And it's all so preeeetty.  And soft.  And Alice can dress herself in the mix and match pieces!  (This is huge. You guys, when I try to dress her now she TAKES OFF the clothes I put on her so she can put them back on herself. She is so three.)


I love their globally inspired collections. They actually remind me of the new bedding I just ordered Alice from the Kukunest sample sale store.  (It really belongs on her new twin bed, coming soon!)


And lately I've been going crazy for Mary Blair and It's A Small World-- the design and style and colors and whole vibe.  And anyway, these things all kinda remind me of each other and I love that.

**Tea Collection provided us with the clothing.  I really truly like them.


  1. no one has ever understood why i love it's a small world more than any other ride at disneyland. have you been to fantasy land at christmas? it's so mary blair.

  2. I have one thing from Tea Collection that I bought for Libby when she was a baby. I love their clothes so so so much.
    Also, Alice taking off her clothes just to put them back on again sounds JUST.LIKE.LIBBY! These silly 3 year olds.
    She is darling.

  3. She looks adorable in Tea! The leggings really do last, too. Our Target and H&M ones? Notsomuch.


  4. Tea...swoon. Alice looks adorable! We have a few Tea items that we got second hand. They are beautiful and soft even after they've gotten lots of use.

  5. Adorable. Looking at Clark and Alice in their first day of school picture, I can totally imagine Clark having that say expression ten years in the future sitting next to Alice smiling at the camera.

  6. I love Tea! Like you said, so soft and comfortable. She looks so cute. :)

  7. alice is such a little beauty!

    we have a few pieces from tea too- they wash + wear so nicely ;)

  8. steph and jenny -- yes, the leggings have been washed a hundred times now and look the same!

    kim -- the "i was gonna do it myseeeelffff!" thing is a major part of every day right now. ho hum.

  9. Tea Collection is my favorite brand for kids clothes - in part because my girls LOVE the items so much. They're soft and stretchy and blissfully free of buttons.