When I am having a bad day with Clark I should probably just stop what I am doing and watch this.

(PS. He had a ton of sand in his hair from the sandbox and it was driving me nuts.  I do not routinely do that to his hair. HA.)


  1. Randomly stumbled upon your blog and just read a few posts, getting to know you. This is such a cute vid of you and your son.. Love how kids can get totally hysterical over the silliest things! Spelling for goodness sake! :-) Makes me want to have my own kids someday :-)

  2. We just so happened to be watching videos all together tonight and so it made ME smile to come across this, too.


  3. first, you have the sweetest voice. singing or talking.

    second, that was too cute. I wish I knew your family in real life, because (I know I've said this on instagram too many times) Clark and my son Caden would be instant best friends. He reminds me so. much. of Caden. I just love it. :)

    and I should record something fun and silly with my boy to watch on the hard days. what a great idea.

  4. my boy (5) answers with "good," all the time. i love it.

  5. this is so sweet...something you'll be so glad you taped many years down the road!


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