Hi, again.

Hal is sick, again.

This Winter's weather has been gentle and keeps trying to become Spring, but that hasn't stopped our family from developing all of the usual Winter sickness and insanity.

Today I decided to introduce sick Hal to Yo Gabba Gabba while I folded laundry. The characters were singing some song called, "I'm Scared of Bats" but I thought they were saying, "I'm Scared of Facts" and I thought, wow... "I'm Scared of Facts"?

Facts are the scariest.  I am scared of facts.  Oh my God, I am so scared of facts. I try to hide scary facts from my kids and I can't believe they are introducing preschoolers to this concept, this is heavy and dark and you really need to only be scared of make believe things until you are older, like, maybe 25, and the weight of the world and all of it's horrible reality can descend upon you all at once.  You're taking "quirky" to a bad level, Gabba.  Facts terrify me, too, and I don't trust you to entertain my children anymore.  

But no, no.  Because, of course, they said "bats."  Bats. The costumed characters were afraid of BATS. And I am clearly losing the battle for my sanity to Winter.

Hi blog, I guess this is me getting my feet wet here, again.



  1. Some facts look like flying rats. It's true.

  2. Oh, how I understand. A few weeks ago Elle was wandering around the house, peeking under the couch, pillows, everything. I asked her what she was doing and she said, "looking for a dream." She was probably referring to the Tangled song but I got all weepy and was like, "oh honey we all are and even if it feels like we don't have one it's only because sometimes they change...and..and.."
    So. You have a partner in all the madness.

  3. Missed You! I hope I get at least a glimpse of you this weekend!


  4. That picture freaked me out! It looks like he's standing in the doorway of a plane, getting ready to jump. But of course it's only concrete (I think) and a sweet baby in a doorway---solid ground all around.

    Winter must be getting to me, too.

  5. "Facts", "bats" both are pretty scary to me at time... ;)

    Glad to see you writing again. xo

  6. Hi! I missed you in bloggyland. Welcome back. Sickness of kids sends the world into a strange time warp. Sometimes I can feel buried under the dark facts of the world. Othertimes, I just sing about bats, or in tonight's case, brushing apples out of your teeth. We have temperature in the 70s here, so weather cannot be to blame for my insanity, I'm afraid.

  7. So glad to hear from you again. I so miss you when you are absent for a while.

    I hope Hal feels better soon. My youngest may have to have tubes put in her ears, and I remember reading about you going through it with Hal, so I feel like maybe we can handle it too.

    And lastly, I find facts scary too. Such as the fact that my one year old may need to have surgery (even if it is just having tubes put in her ears) is scary for me.

  8. hi! i cheered when i saw your blog pop up as i was scrolling through my reader posts. yay!

    i hope hal feels better soon. poor kid. and poor momma.

    emma is currently sick, so i'm just counting the days [hours?] until lucy gets it. sigh.

  9. You have such a lovely way of putting your thoughts down...

  10. Just saw Swonderland in bold and a huge smile lit up my face. Yay! So glad to hear something from you again. I'm so sorry your kids have been sick. Well, and likely you have the same deal we have here. That would be 1 kid down, 3 days later, 2nd kid down, 3 days later, 3rd kid and a parent down, recycle cold and start again with someone who's already been sick...or take down that last parent. It sucks. Not sure if you are interested, but we've been sick once this winter so far (as opposed to three times last year) and this is the first year we're all taking vitamin D supplements. Just in case...
    Cheers to hearing from you again.

  11. facts definitely scare me. i try to ignore them whenever possible. or hide when i can't.

  12. bats are growing extinct.
    so are facts, i think.
    that's why i'm afraid of both of them.
    i came in here to check on you, missed your voice.
    but i'm sorry you're sick.

  13. oh boy, am I glad i popped by today to read this. I do adore you, I do.

    And, my blog famine has been a tad longer than yours, and you may just have inspired me to post something. stay tuned. ;)


  14. only 18 days late, but welcome back!!