I am trying.

I am trying to sleep but an organ keeps waking me up. An organ that isn't really there. An organ and some drums and a pencil and a pair of shoes and a bunch of things I did wrong today that I'm going to do better tomorrow.

Writing is one of those things. I quit hitting "publish" and then I quit writing drafts and it isn't that I don't have words, I just watch them all flitter by in my mind like ticker-tape. And then with my eyes closed, I form them into sentences and then I put them to music and then it is morning.
And then it is night.
And then it is morning.

And then I get up again and all day long I knit a web for us to stand on
or maybe just
a net to catch us.

Linked up to sweet Heather's Just Write.


  1. Yes...and thanks...for sharing & understanding!!!

  2. Well I miss you, and I think a lot of us miss you. But you'll be ready to share again and when you are we'll be here. I think it is perfectly okay to go long periods of time without sharing - this should be something you are compelled to do, not something you do out of a sense of duty.

    No matter what you think, you're doing a fantastic job at life. At least that's my vote.

  3. so very glad to see you here. I think we need to get together soon, since our day clan has been reduced in numbers a bit thanks to school. Miss you.

  4. Hi Erin. Your writing style is very pretty.

    And yes, I do still live in Indy! You can email me whenever. I would love to meet up.

  5. oh so very glad to have you back, dear.

  6. Very Lovely, glad to see a post from you again!

  7. I love your poet heart and words. This is fantastic-ness.

    the web. me too.

    and the ticker tape and the words and repeat. I'm in love with just write because at least I get some random blurts out here and there. Lately, I use a pen and notebook for the rest and I do it in the spirit of Just Write and then I feel better. xoxo

  8. Welcome back, it's good to hear your voice again.


  9. So sweet! Stopping by from Sugar and Dots to say hello. Enjoy the first weekend of 2013! XO

  10. Just wanted to drop by and say I miss reading your blog! I hope you start posting more again. :)

  11. Oh all the THINGS that keep me from sleeping. So many of them the ones that didn't go so well today that I plan to go better tomorrow. I'm so happy to have stumbled over here. It wasn't in my plan today, and it feels quite nice to have read your words.

    1. I'm glad you did! Thank you for leaving a comment on this dusty blog. It was very very nice to read.