My house has been a character on this blog as much as any of the other parts of my daily life have been characters here. We sold our house. I didn't blog it but it happened anyway. It was hard work and emotionally confusing but we did it and it's over. Now it is a place we used to live. (Hey, remember that house? I liked that house.) I put this blog in a box with all of my other things and I don't even know now if I should get it out and look it over or just leave it be. Do people still say "blog"? It doesn't sound as natural to me as it did. We are renting for a bit (it's been two months, actually, which is another story) while we search for our next home and I am trying to sort it all out. It's like when you clean a closet and you have to mess things up before they go back in in the very best way.

All the life-things I had put way way away, the best and worst life-things, are out on the floor now and I am kicking around them,

making piles.