Tonight as Clark was reading "Captain Underpants" to me, my mind began to drift away. Except it didn't feel like drifting. It felt like falling and hitting the floor, quickly, landing somewhere. Landing in a place from the past. For some reason, perhaps my very slight sunburn, I was suddenly remembering.

It was a park. It had trails and hills and tennis courts and those little stations with pull-up bars and instruction panels where you're supposed to do the exercises along the way and oh my goodness, I spent so much time there. It was all mine. I thought it was mine.

The funny thing isn't that I remembered this park, I could remember this park at any time. It was the WAY I remembered the park, like casually thinking back on what happened today.

Did it happen today?

Sometimes I think, we don't actually understand time at all.


  1. I have written and deleted several things in this comment box because I want to comment but then I start to write about memories and remembering things and I stop but I want you to keep going.

  2. Doctor Who has taught me that time definitely isn't what we think it is.

  3. and apparently I was signed in as my husband...

  4. I want you to keep going, too. And time is tricky - it felt like it had been forever since you wrote stuff here to share with us. :)

  5. ahh! i just love your words. you make every feeling i've had but didn't stop and take notice of real and tangible. i've missed reading your blog.

  6. I miss your blog. Just saying.